Pink Collar Partners in Cat Crime

Pink Collar Partners in Cat Crime

On Day 77 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, I arrived home from vacation to find evidence that though I’d left plenty of food and water for my two poorly behaved kitties, a pink collar cat crime had taken place.

                                                                           Clue # 1                                                                                                                             

A cup knocked from the counter to the kitchen floor.

Clue # 2

Loveday fleeing the crime scene. Goldfish (of course!), donut holes and drink mix with the packaging and lid chewed through/off. The nearby cat food can must have proved impenetrable.

                                                                  Plea Bargaining

Peppa pleading for me to let her off if she leads me to her partner in crime.

Serial Crime Evidence 

Yes, those are donut hole remains. Skylar strikes again. Gruesome.

Turning State’s Evidence

Peppa Loveday sang like a jay bird and led me right to her accomplice.

Caught White-Pawed

As a repeat offender who loots the kitchen whenever we’re on vacation, and one who ate the tops off a pack of donut holes the Christmas morning we got her, Skylar is the obvious mastermind behind this pink collar cat crime. She escaped when my stepson arrived a little ahead of us. Caught unawares on the deck, she was too stunned at my sudden appearance to put up a fight. I sentenced her to  remain outside.     Hey, you do the cat crime, you do the time.

This pink collar crime has taught me to trust my instincts (not hubby’s advice). Two full to the brim bowls of food apiece and an oversized bowl of water are not enough for female cats who both suffer from a scarcity mentality. I imagine they scarfed their way through their own food and the other’s three days in, maybe less. Hissing, spitting and hair standing on end was probably involved in the fight not to famish and to get theirs.

Comical as my crime scene scenario may seem, as a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, it does remind me of cattiness with women, on the home front and in the workplace. How often do we claw and scratch to get not only our share but that of others, even when we have enough? Please don’t get me wrong, I realize there are only so many seats on the school PTO or advancement opportunities at the office, but should we sabotage one another to access them?

Peppa Loveday and Skylar worked together as accomplices to accomplish their crime. Perhaps if more women worked with one another instead of against each other, we’d all get a piece of the pie. Or donut hole… My pink collar partners in cat crime did a lot of things wrong. They got the partner thing totally right.