Maiden Voyage Speaking Engagement for Seasons of Her Soul at Local Altrusa Club

Maiden Voyage Speaking Engagement for Seasons of Her Soul at Local Altrusa Club

It’s Day 280 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I had my maiden voyage speaking engagement for Seasons of Her Soul, my debut novel, at a local Altrusa club tonight. Altrusa is an international organization that supports women’s professional development, literacy and a number of other causes that improve communities worldwide. The fact that my first official speaking engagement for my book, which chronicles a young woman’s journey out of domestic violence and into her best life, was held a the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association), with a women’s shelter upstairs, made the event even more special for me. Prior to speaking, we enjoyed a comforting meal of three different types of chili prepared by members. They insisted I go first, and as I filled my bowl, the message painted on the wall above the table resonated – Eliminating Discrimination; Empowering Women. It also bolstered me on my maiden journey.

Some of the Altrusans of Hamilton, Ohio club. It snowed intermittently all evening, so we lost a handful before we got a picture. Me, Pink Collar Coach, in the center next to a dear Sister. I was delighted that she got a book! I’m in a Calvin Klein sheath dress with a pearl neckline from TJ Maxx. The matching cardigan was a rare Macy’s find purchased long after the dress!

Though I actually spoke at a women’s workshop the day after I held my book in my hand for the first time, the time wasn’t specifically dedicated to presenting on the publication process. Tonight, I was able to share about that journey and educate a group of women who are committed to  promoting literacy with knowledge on how they can support authors to ensure books get into readers’ hands. Not only that, because they are committed to eliminating domestic violence as well, I was able to put a book that equips them with tools to do that into their hands! Furthermore, some of them took book cards to share with others. What an amazing first time out!

On the practical side, my years of attending Train the Trainers, getting a Fundamentals of Effective Training credential (a three day retreat experience) and presenting/attending “A Woman’s Guide to Powerful Presentations” and “High Heeled Steps for Dynamic Delivery” workshops with my cohort, Kay Fittes of High Heeled Success, held me in good stead. Planning the actual presentation is only part of ensuring it goes off without a hitch. Despite doing much of my prep in advance, this afternoon I couldn’t find my crate for transporting my books, props, etc. in my She Shed Storage Space (thanks for that Hubby!), and Siri initially took me to the YMCA vs. the women’s counterpart! Thank goodness I had a plan B for the crate and had given myself plenty of extra time to drive from the wrong location to the right one! Even with a few choppy spots, for the most part the waters remained calm.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose author and speaker, it feels great to this first speaking engagement under my belt. It connected me with wonderful women who were welcoming and receptive. And I got to know the one who shared the opportunity  with me – Thank you Dana Enrico! – a little better. There’s even a possibility that I’ll have a chance to present at the International Conference next year. I learned from the things that went right – and from those that almost went wrong. Now I feel like I’ve got my sea legs under me – all thanks to a maiden voyage speaking engagement for Seasons of Her Soul at Altrusa that provided smooth sailing.

Hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and support an unproven author by checking out the print or Kindle copy of Seasons of Her Soul, on Amazon at or Thank you!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Publication Process – A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Publication Process – A Marathon, Not A Sprint

 “Publication is a marathon, not a sprint. Writing the book is only the start.”

                                                                                                – Jo Linsdell, Children’s Book Author

Two Women Working Out

It’s Day 279 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and if you’re anything like me, a marathon sounds a lot more daunting than a sprint! And whether you’ve ever run track or not, as we get older running any race is not as easy as it used to be! This was a humbling lesson I learned on vacation last year when I challenged my twenty-five-year-old stepson to a race. It’s the first one I can remember ever losing. That being the case, I’ve yet to watch the video his brother shot! Even so, as an almost fifty-year-old woman, I held my own. At 5’1” but with long legs, I was designed for speed and am still a pretty fast sprinter. But with my asthma, I’ve never had the stamina to go the distance required for marathons.

Like running, breaking into publication is not for the faint of heart. I’ve dreamed of doing it since I was a little girl and set the goal of accomplishing it by age twenty-five. Then I watched that deadline whiz by at ages thirty, thirty-five, forty, and forty-five. At forty-eight, after rejections from traditional publishers, I finally made it happen by self-publishing. But as was often the case with my races, though I won, I crossed the finish line with my heart thumping in my chest and my breath wheezing in my lungs – physically, mentally, and emotionally spent. Exhausted. Still, that pain was worth the gain – not only of having won the prize, but of having finished my race – on the track and as a published author.

The above is the rapport building section of a presentation I’m doing tomorrow night for our local chapter of Altrusa International.  Next I’ll share the what I’ve learned from my publication journey and summarize by retelling what I told them during the presentation with this:

As you can tell from my publication process, novel writing is only one leg of the race. It requires intensive conditioning and training in the form of obtaining mentoring, networking and continually honing the writing craft. And because publication is a spectator sport, identifying and connecting with the targeted audience AKA potential readers – meaning YOU! — is critical to success. Finally, building a platform, reach and stamina will help authors to not only cross the finish line, but to keep going the distance in publication marathons throughout their writing career.

Then, I’ll preface a few words copied and pasted from a reader that make the grueling race worthwhile –

Whew! I’m winded just explaining my race to publication! But then I stop to catch my breath and read an Amazon review by a reader who may be someone like you, entitled “Beautifully Written Treasure”:

This book is a shining example of the work that God’s love can do in your life. You will feel renewed in your walk with Christ. Lee is a character that you wish was a real friend that you could call for sage advice, love and laughter. I’m recommending this book to all my friends and family. As a lover of music, the song that pops into my head as being the anthem for Lee’s story between these pages is Mandisa’s Overcomer. I hope there will be more to Lee’s story in the future for me to read. I’m already ready to reread this one!

Finally, I’ll close thus:

Though I’ve always been a sprinter, not a distance runner, it motivates me to pick up my track shoes – I mean laptop – to run another publication marathon.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose debut novelist, I’m excited to share my publication journey with a group that supports women’s professional development and literacy, and I’m excited to share it with you. This is my maiden voyage speaking engagement as a newly published author! I hope it coaches, encourages and inspires you to keep running your race – whatever it may be!

What are you currently trying to achieve at home or work that feels like running a marathon? How can you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and apply any of the above to help you cross the finish line?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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