Life Lesson from Loads of Laundry

Life Lesson from Loads of Laundry

It’s Day 49 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and this busy weekend has taught me a life lesson from my loads of laundry. For many of us, this week was Back to School. As the mother of an 11th and 10th grader who is divorced –– a D or challenge women face –– from their father, I had them this weekend and a lot of the time went into school-related activities and making sure they were set to return for the first full week tomorrow. Between a trip to the library, running my daughter to a birthday sleepover, feeding my ravenous son and keeping him entertained Friday, I did laundry. Same thing Saturday before and after I picked her up, fought construction to make it to Zumba, did the grocery shopping and banking, then made lunch and finally dinner, all while tossing loads in and pulling them out. This morning, as I listened to Joel Osteen –– I folded and put clothes and linens away prior to taking Liv out for last minute school supplies. (What ever happened to getting the list before classes started?). Though there were moments when I felt like I’d either been put through the wringer or the spin cycle –– this is my first time blogging since Thursday! –– there wasn’t one where I didn’t feel blessed to have these tasks to do for my children and home. That’s the life lesson I’ve learned from my loads of  laundry.

DIY Simply Shabby Chic “Laundry” banner on Shabby Chic bulletin board. For years I looked for a laundry sign. When I came across this board strung with wire and clothes pins, I was able to create my dream sign.                     DIY letters – Target. Bulletin Board –– TJ Maxx.

You see, though sometimes I look at all of the bath towels and face cloths to be washed, at all the bedding and more clothes than I can keep up with, I’m often reminded of a story  I once heard a story about a woman who sat all alone in her immaculate house and longed for it to be cluttered with the chaos of children…Because I don’t have mine all of the time, I can relate. When they’re here, it’s more joy than drudgery doing the mundane things for –– and with –– them. I touch the towels and am thankful they take care of themselves the way I taught them to. I look at the linens and love that they lie in them and sleep luxuriously when living under my roof. And I cuddle the clothes and am conscious of how quickly their time as children will cease. Each time I’m immensely grateful that despite a divorce,  the Lord has –– for now –– blessed me to serve them. Yes, on purpose. Focusing on that allows me to minimize my D and to maximize beauty and my best life.

One day, they’ll be grow up and away and my washer and dryer will get a lot less use. Til then, I’m taking my life lesson from the laundry to heart and am determined to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and to treasure the loads.

Be Savvy & Chic, 

~Pink Collar Coach


Sunday Service and Serving

Sunday Service and Serving

It’s Day 22 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and my most recent D or challenge women face –– this time in the form of a disabled car –– allowed me to not only attend Sunday service yesterday but to be blessed by someone serving. From the time my car needed a jump after I taught Zumba class Thursday until last night when she called to get the final update that the car is back on the road and that I’m safe, my Swan Sister, Sonya has helped me to minimize this D. She’s a regular Zumba participant in my Sunday faith-based class, and although she had a meeting after church to plan for the children’s church camp where she and her hubby are serving as counselors and couldn’t attend, she wanted the dance class to go on. In addition to driving me around and partnering with her husband to try to get me the best deal on the parts and labor needed, she also picked me up for Sunday service as yet another extension of her serving.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, and my Swan Sister, Sonya. I wanted to take the pic beneath this modern art installation but didn’t bargain on wearing it as a “hat”! LOL! Floral dress & white shrug with cobalt blue bag and shoes, all Calvin Klein purchased at TJ Maxx – separately!

If you’ve ever been without wheels, it can stink! Instead, Sonya made this a sweet experience for me because of her servant’s heart.  And I finally got to visit a well-known church for the first time, participate in praise and worship and listen to powerful preaching on prayer. Then she made sure I got to teach that Zumba class even with her packed schedule. Though she was more than willing to pick me up and drive me on to the next leg of the journey, thankfully another Swan Sister and her car repair savvy fiancé took over and didn’t stop until the right part was secured and installed. Two more sacrificial examples of serving.

What could have been a lousy weekend turned out to be a lovely one spent wrapped in God’s love and provision. Both of these couples attended church yesterday then gave more of their time to bless me… There was a phrase stenciled above the door of my childhood church –– “Worship begins when you enter; Service begins when you depart.” Having a disabled car allowed me to see these words come to life at Sunday service and through their serving.

I pray you will be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and help minimize someone’s barriers to maximize beauty and their best lives –– at Sunday service or through serving them at home or work. You may find it’s an effect way to deal with your own Ds.

Be savvy  & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

Beauty from Broken Things – Even When Damaged, We Can Still Serve Our Purpose

Beauty from Broken Things – Even When Damaged, We Can Still Serve Our Purpose

On Day 142 I didn’t set out to do I a DIY restoration project, but I’m so glad that’s how it turned out because not only did I now get to use an item I thought could no longer work in my house, the project reminded me of two important lessons that can be applied on the home front and in the workplace: 1) Beauty can still be found in broken things, and 2) Even when we’re damaged, we can still serve our purpose.

  1. Beauty can still be found in broken things.

As much as I purport to love all things Shabby Chic and am usually alright with imperfections, my OCD about symmetry had me headed to return a damaged piece of faux architectural salvage. I thought it was wood but found out the hard way that it was resin. I’d purchased it a while back and had planned to spray paint it white, however, somehow, when I took it to the store to select the right paint color the day after purchasing, a large section broke while it was in my shopping cart.  By the time I realized it, though I literally retraced  all of my steps and searched high and low, the broken chunk seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Attempts to have the janitorial crew notify me if it turned up proved futile, and I was close to tears because it was the only one at the store.

Eventually, I found something else (featured on the blog) and resolved to return the original piece since it must have been damaged to have broken so easily. Due to time constraints, I never made it back to Old Time Pottery for my refund and wasn’t in a rush to go back. The thing is, I love the piece and wasn’t at peace letting it go. Then, this morning, inspiration struck and I was thrilled that I’d held on to the broken “salvage”. After about an hour’s work, I’d lovingly mended the piece and restored its beauty.

Broken, mended and still beautiful.


With a broken “wing”, this piece still wanted to fly.
A new “wing” traced onto paper and then two pieces of corrugated cardboard.      
I stapled the two “wings” together.
Next, I hot glued the two “wings” and inserted them right at the break point, where they fit perfectly.
Spray painted. (Had to flip picture from phone, hence repaired “wing” on opposite side.
Brown Sharpie used to distress.
Crayola brown pencil used to distress.

2. Even when damaged, we can still serve our purpose. 


The damaged piece now hangs above the door in our powder room. It’s not perfect, but I still love it. I’m proud of my creativity, resourcefulness and ability to see past the damage to be able to understand that the piece can still serve it’s original purpose. Perhaps it’s not serving where I’d originally intended – between the dining room and living room – but I found an alternate location that actually works better. The “salvage” now picks up the taupe-y browns in the powder room’s artwork and complements the scrolls on the light fixture. The really cool thing is, it has taken on more meaning because of its story.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who’s been broken herself, I’m so glad that God looks at me and still sees beauty. Despite all the damage – a dysfunctional childhood, divorce, domestic relations custody challenges, destitution, discrimination, all the “Ds”, I’m so thankful that He gives me chance after chance and provides countless opportunities to still serve my purpose (evolving): coaching, encouraging, and inspiring other women to minimize their personal Pink Collar barriers and to maximize their beauty and best Savvy & Chic professional lives. All to His glory. Not only that, He uses the damage to give me a story. I believe with all my heart that I mean even more to Him because of it. I know He sure means more to me.

What about you? Have you been broken by the personal barriers that try to render us “returnable”? Do you know that you’re still beautiful? And that, if you let Him, though damaged, God can still use your to serve your purpose?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach