Winter Weather Writing Weekend

Winter Weather Writing Weekend

It’s Day 10 of being back to blogging and thanks to 13″ of snow here in Cincy, I’ve enjoyed a winter weather writing weekend! Since starting my position as a Women’s Center Director back in October, I hadn’t written a word of Hold on Her Heart, the sequel to my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul. Yesterday and today, however, due to being snowed in, I not only made wonderful progress, I did it on my first book’s one year anniversary! Being a God-thing girl, the significance of that isn’t lost on me. I’m humbled and amazed that He continues to bless me with the will and the way to live my purpose of coaching, encouraging and inspiring women. This time in the form of a winter weather writing weekend!

Snowy Town.jpg

Balancing personal and professional responsibilities can feel daunting, but when they’re aligned, rather than conflicting, they can complement each other. In my situation, my first novel is drawn from personal experiences with domestic violence that led me to become involved in supporting other women to overcome it and other challenges. I call them Ds –– as in DV, divorce, dysfunction, depression, death, diagnosis, etc. (So much of life’s icky stuff starts with a D!) Twelve years after breaking out of the cycle of abuse with my wasband (he was my husband) and being homeless, my vocation is as the leader of a homeless shelter.  And my avocation allows me to run a life coaching agency, blog and write books. It’s all interconnected and part of the perfect plan God has for my life. Total God-thing!

Whether you are an aspiring author or a full-time homemaker who wants to be more intentional about the time you spend with your family, my prayer is that you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and maximize the opportunities God provides for you to do what feeds your soul and blesses others. On your lunch break. While the kids nap. In the still of the night. During the wee morning hours.  When He provides a winter weather writing weekend.

Hope you’ll check out my book on it’s anniversary!

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Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach 



Best Book Club Night

Best Book Club Night

It’s Day 2 of being back to blogging, and I’ve struggled a bit to figure out what to post. Then I realized I could cover some of the things I’ve missed over the last few months.  Back in September, I was invited to facilitate a discussion of my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, at the book club of a fellow YMCA member. She heard about the book from a reader who attends Zumba with me. The group rotates hosts and Debbie, the hostess of the night, welcomed me into her gorgeous home and put me at ease before the others arrived. By the time they did, I knew I was in for a delightful evening. Turns out –– at least for me –– it was the best book club night!

All of the members had read the book, which made for thoughtful questions and compelling conversation. The fact that more than one woman asked about ways to support those dealing with domestic violence –– one of the Ds or personal challenges that a women face –– dispelled any notions that abuse rears its head in suburbia much more often than one some would think. The stories shared made me even more appreciative of the opportunity to live out my purpose of using my God-given strengths to coach, encourage and inspire women to minimize their barriers and to maximize their best lives –– all to His glory. Following up by sending all attendees a resource I’d created to supplement the book, Ten Ps to Practice When Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence ensured the ladies are equipped with the info they need whenever their loved ones are ready to receive it.

By the end of the evening, I felt as though I’d not only gained fans, but new friends as well. So far my new role as a Women’s Center Director hasn’t allowed me to make it to another meeting, but I plan to make it happen once I’ve gotten settled in. I’m motivated to return so I can further connect with these beautiful, smart, Savvy & Chic Swans! And of course I have them and other loyal readers in mind as I dive back into writing the sequel, Hold On Her Heart, which is due out this year. Once it’s done, I hope to have a repeat of the best book club night!

If you are a new reader or one who’s never checked out the book, I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and do so! Thank you!

To preview/purchase the print or Kindle version of my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, please visit at

Be Savvy & Chic,

~ Pink Collar Coach

Best Book Club Night! Me, Pink Collar Coach, front and center.                                                          Floral dress, shrug and bone color pumps – All Calvin Klein. The clothes are from TJ Maxx. The shoes were $8 at Goodwill – brand new!



The Creative Writing Process & Progress on Sequel to Seasons of Her Soul

The Creative Writing Process & Progress on Sequel to Seasons of Her Soul

Day 305 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project had me blissfully immersed in the creative writing process so that I made tons of progress on the sequel to my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul. The day got started on a high when I learned that it is now available on Barnes and It’s been on Amazon since January, however, getting into B&N has taken more time, so I’m thrilled. Then, in preparation for Thursday night’s writing group critique, I worked off of the feedback from last month’s critique to revise the outline for Hold On Her Heart –  Book II in the Lee’s Legacy series and created a preface of sorts to re-acquaint readers of the first book with the characters and to introduce them to new readers. The group suggested that I read some sequels to see how to write one effectively, so I turned to the work of Karen Kingsbury, the Queen of Christian Fiction, and Francine Rivers, who I want to be when I grow up as a writer. All of these actions are considered Prewriting –  the first step of the 5-Step Writing Process. Time flew by, as it always does, when I’m in my zone AKA the creative writing process. It’s no wonder I made such great progress on my first novel’s secret!

Creative Writing

Sharing the creative writing process with was one of my favorite things about being a middle school teacher. Not only did I get to do this with my students; I got to equip fellow teachers to teach by writing and presenting a creative writing workshop. The creative writing process I use is only a skeleton – and each writer fleshes it out to build a process that works for them. For the purpose of this blog post, I’ll list all of the steps in the process but will only explain the first that I’m currently working through on how I use it.
The Creative Writing Process
1. Prewriting – This includes finding and building an idea, then planning and structuring the story around it. Keeping notes on new ideas is important. This can be done with pen and paper or electronically. (I type them into my laptop or phone when on the run or even in the middle of the night – they get lost otherwise). And I can’t emphasize how critical it is to keep the notes from a previous book when planning to  write a sequel or even a non-related book. Though you won’t use all of them, NEVER throw out the baby or the bathwater! The book – your baby – may be born from the notes you keep; your next one may be conceived from the ones you set aside and fertilize later! Finally, this step often involves some type of research.
2. Writing 
3. Revision
4. Editing
5. Publishing
As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose author, this writing life is like a crazy roller coaster ride. There are days when I experience extreme highs and then I get plunged into steep lows. Sometimes it can be terrifying. Other times it’s exhilarating. Like today when I not only learned that I reached a goal I set for my first book but when I maximized the creative writing process to make progress on its sequel.
I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and check on the book below. Also, I’d love to hear about your creative writing process. Thank you!

Be savvy & chic,

~ Pink  Collar Coach