Keeping Calm and Practicing Self-Care at My Petite Retreat

Keeping Calm and Practicing Self-Care at My Petite Retreat

Good morning, Pink Collar Swans,

It’s Day 54 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and this post is coming out from my Petite Retreat this Friday morning where I’m keeping calm and practicing self-care. The non-profit faith-based shelter where I’m the Women’s Center Director was offered complimentary tickets to a Beth Moore conference this weekend, so yesterday I decided I’d take today off and spend it at my not-so-tiny tiny house before heading to the event this evening. Working in what I consider full-time ministry is Service on Purpose, but sometimes it takes its toll. Between dealing with the Ds –– challenges women face ––– in my professional  life as two of our team members have received devastating diagnoses this week, and in my personal life, mainly  in the form of dysfunctional relationships, in order to minimize these barriers and maximize beauty and my best life,  I needed time to keep calm and practice self-care at my Petite Retreat.

Keep Calm and Practice Self-Care.jpg

Though  this isn’t my first time serving as a Director, it is the first time I’ve dealt with a terminal diagnosis for a direct report. Being at my best to bless her and to support the staff who love her will require stamina and strength. I’m grateful for this time away from the center at my home/office with the Lord to build up both. And as I prayerfully consider some major decisions regarding personal relationships, I need clarity and space to receive wisdom on which path to walk, as well as a way to process (writing). Keeping calm and practicing self-care here provides all of these.

So I’m thankful for this short respite at my petite retreat.  Not only will  taking time away from the trauma to spend the day writing and the night with Swan Sisters help me in a professional capacity as I serve staff and residents, it enables me to minimize the barriers we’re facing and to maximize beauty and my best life.

If you’re anything like me and are facing Ds in your personal and/or professional life, my prayer for you is that you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and  intentional about keeping calm and practicing self-care.  Whether that means taking a much-needed day off, attending a conference or simply stealing away to pray and spend some time alone with God. (Jesus  himself modeled self-care for us  –– Luke 5:16). Doing it in a place that soothes your soul is even better… Then you’ll be able to minimize your barriers and maximize beauty and your best life, too.

Be Savvy & Chic ,

~Pink Collar Coach

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Pink Collar Coach’s Petite Retreat – Pt. 1

Pink Collar Coach’s Petite Retreat – Pt. 1

It’s Day 20 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and dealing with a D or challenge women face –– in the form of a disabled vehicle –– has made me even more thankful for my petite retreat. Although, upon seeing the place for the first time Friday night when she drove me home, one of my Swan Sisters, Sonya, pointed out that what I’ve always referred to as a tiny house isn’t actually that tiny…From the moment I saw the For Rent sign in the window of this 1905 shotgun, I knew I’d found the perfect spot to meet my personal and professional needs as a wife, mother, stepmom of a blended family with adult children, author, life coach, and entrepreneur. And this small –– relatively speaking –– space has delivered in spades! Having a peaceful place to parent and pursue creative endeavors –– like blogging (it serves as a studio) and working on Hold on Her Heart, the sequel to my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, has been instrumental in minimizing personal and professional challenges and maximizing beauty and my best life. Having this sanctuary is both a luxury and a sacrifice. But so worth it because my sanity has been saved by this petite retreat!

View of front side entrance. Valance in transom window above door all pillows, rugs, and many accessories Simply Shabby Chic from Target or Shabby Chic – TJ Maxx, Home Goods.


Front view from the street. The picket fence needs love and Liv and I plan to give it soon!

If you’re anything like me, at times going out into the world feels like entering the fray. Having a safe place, a sanctuary, that soothes your soul can provide much needed respite. That doesn’t necessarily mean going out and renting a house or apartment. It could be converting a garage or shed into a She Space. Or simply carving out a nook inside filled with things that speak specifically to you.

Whatever it looks like, I hope you’ll figure out what works for you and that your petite retreat will allow you to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic in order to minimize your challenges and maximize beauty and your best life, too.

Be savvy & chic, 

~Pink Collar Coach