Downton During my Down Time

Downton During my Down Time

It’s another day of being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and since I’m still catching up from not blogging due to a broken ankle during the holidays, I’m sharing about watching Downtown during my down time. Though the show’s finale aired in 2016 after six successful seasons, much to the chagrin of devoted fans, the British drama set in the early 1900s is still PBS’ top drama of all time.  So as die hard Downtonians and Abbey Heads –– two of the names for lovers of all things Downton Abbey –– my Swan Sister Kibby and I were there the weekend the film hit the big screen. We made the most of the event (along with a Kibby’s friend, Downtonian Dami, who immediately became my friend) and in true Downton style, dressed for the occasion. The much anticipated movie didn’t disappoint but delivered a cinematic experience that proved to be magical! So much so  I went back and saw it alone a second time. Doing so helped me feel better about being divorced – a D or challenge women face –– and not having my children every weekend…Instead I can indulge in something just for me. Leaving the theater, I prayed it would be out in time for the holidays so I could again watch Downton during my down time.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, as Lady Mary (she’s pictured top left corner). Calvin Klein maxi dress and pink scarf/wrap, I already owned _ TJ Maxx.                                 Tiara is a child’s princess hair comb.                                                      Necklace, neck scarf and gloves from Kibby. She  made pink earrings.

To my delight and that of movie fans around the globe, the Blue Ray and DVD released right before Christmas. And though Santa didn’t leave it for me in my pink Shabby Chic stocking (he left Victoria, Season 3 instead) clad in my PJs and boot this time around, I enjoyed this treat to myself  in the comfort of my Petite Retreat even more than I did with my solo viewing.

In fact, I’ve talked it up so much, my hubby is on the verge of committing to watch the series with me and then cap it all off with the movie. He’s always walked into the room and watched in fits and starts… Kibby’s significant other, Roger, on the other hand joined us for our dress up viewing, and served as our photographer (I’m having technical difficulties or would share the photos). He’s a Downtownian himself, so I’m hopeful I can get my hubby to join the club. If he does, I suspect I’ll cherish sharing the series during date nights as much as I did watching Downton during my down time.

My prayer for you is that you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and make the most of your down time. Even if that means playing adult dress up and/or seeing a movie alone. When you do, like me, I believe you’ll be able to minimize your barriers and maximize beauty and your best life.

Be savvy and chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

P.S. Based on the movie’s whopping success, a  Downtown Abbey  sequel is in the works! : )