Happy 40th Celebration and a Hometown Hero – Chicago Cub, Kyle Schwarber

Happy 40th Celebration and a Hometown Hero – Chicago Cub, Kyle Schwarber

It’s Day 371 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and last night our family pulled off a surprise Happy 40th Birthday Celebration and I gained some wonderful insight about a Hometown Hero – Chicago Cub, Kyle Schwarber. A few weeks ago, my husband’s niece, Kelly told us she was planning a surprise party for her big sister, Alicia. The two are very close and Kelly went to great lengths to ensure the secret remained safe with their dad’s family which consists of thirteen siblings! Furthermore, Kelly’s husband’s mom is one of twelve! Needless to say, between them and our side of the family –– my husband is the oldest and only brother with three sisters –– making sure the plans remained mum was quite the fete. And that’s not even counting more cousins and friends than I can keep track of. The head count was a conservative fifty but appeared to exceed that. Nevertheless, Kelly and her cohorts pulled it off. One of the cohort members was their brother, Kyle Schwarber, who gained well-deserved notoriety when his hit not only broke the tie between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians during the 2016 World Series, but ultimately led to them breaking the 108 year championship drought/curse! Alicia and Kelly have always been sports enthusiasts and often attend their brother’s games. In fact, Kyle’s invitation to hang out after last night’s game is what got Alicia there.  While at the game she complained, “Worst birthday ever”, seeing as everyone did a good job of keeping her bday low-key. But from the moment we yelled, “Surprise!” I believe it turned into possibly the best birthday ever! I know I enjoyed Alicia’s Happy 40th Celebration and the time spent gaining some insight about her humble hometown hero brother.

Me with the Birthday Girl, Alicia (center), her uncle (my hubby), aunts and mom.

Kyle is a private person and changed from his uniform into everyday clothes to avoid recognition. But I got the sense from what he and others said that he very much wanted the night to be about Alicia’s celebration with all the attention and focus on her. And though everyone there respected this, it was so apparent that Kyle took time to spend with family and fans alike –– not necessarily being well-known pro baseball player but just being Kyle. And even though I’m not into sports at all, the only baseball game I’ve ever watched start to finish was that history making World Series game. When my husband shared that with Kelly, Alicia and Kyle’s dad and mentioned I’d like a picture with him, Kyle couldn’t have been more open to it. He spent some time just talking with me and readily gave his consent for me to share on my blog. I can honestly say I’m now officially a fan. He further endeared himself to me when he spent a great deal of time letting my hubby –– who is an amazing golfer –– help him with his swing. Being a baseball hitter, it isn’t a stretch to imagine Kyle can swing a golf club. What impressed me though was his teachable spirit and willingness to take instruction. No wonder he’s at the top of his game! Kyle spend much of his night loving on his big sister, Alicia, and just being an awesome brother and nice guy.


Picture with Kyle Swarber
Me, Pink Collar Coach with Kyle – Brother of the Birthday Girl.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Swan, the thing that resonated most with me about the night was all of the love everyone has for Alicia. She’s one of the most vibrant and vivacious people I know. In fact, her bday decor had a recurring theme of confetti. Not knowing that, I selected desk decorations –– an A monogram with confetti and a sign that said, “Spread some confetti wherever you go” because they reminded me so much of her. I hope she’ll think of us fondly when she looks at them…I took a pink coaster with confetti that says “Happy 40th Birthday, Alicia” home as a reminder of the night. It truly was a Happy 40th Celebration and one I won’t forget thanks in part to a little time spent with a humble hometown hero.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach