Shabby Chic & Sweet Sixteen!

Shabby Chic & Sweet Sixteen!

It’s Day 34 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and my daughter and I have had such a beautiful day –– Shabby Chic & Sweet 16! This morning I woke up at 5am and  assembled a Simply Shabby  Chic DIY banner proclaiming “Sweet 16” then proceeded to package all her presents in coordinating Simply Shabby Chic gift bags. Next I changed the table runner to one in robin’s egg blue from Rachel Ashwell’s The Prairie and spelled out Cami Liv with extra banner medallions. By that time she’d awoken and I loved on and prayed over her for a while before serving her requested Lucky Charms –– the marshmallows just happened to go along with the pastel theme –– and Sunny D in bed. Once she was settled with her breakfast, I proceeded to bake, frost and decorate her Bday cake with sprinkles in the soft rainbow shades and placed it atop my Simply Shabby Chic cake stand. The early morning and effort were so worth it because of the look on her face when she finally saw the Shabby Chic stage set for her Sweet Sixteen!

Cami Liv – Sweet 16! We didn’t plan it, but she dressed in floral pink, blue and green!              All table decor Shabby Chic, Simply Shabby Chic and The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell –Purchased over time from Target and TJ Maxx since shortly after my daughter’s birth. 

Though I thought this milestone birthday should be celebrated with a big party, my daughter had other ideas in mind. These included  a shopping trip to Plato’s Closet –– a resale shop for teens –– and to Aveda, a salon that also sells face, hair and makeup products.  She wanted Subway for dinner and then to eat cake and watch LaLa Land again! To my delight, apart from the eating, she wanted to do all of this just with me…I selected a birthday card for her that states “Every perfect gift, is from above.” (James 1:17). Yes, her life is a gift. By wanting to spend such a special day just as mother and daughter, however, I feel like I was given one all over again.

Being divorced –– a D or challenge women face –– can make birthdays brutal. Next year I won’t see her at all. And this year could have been very expensive with everything she wanted to do. But by having lovely things on hand, I was able to create a sumptuous setting without breaking the bank and could use my resources for her shopping spree instead. By being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic I minimized the barriers and maximized beauty and our best lives. So blessed with lots of Shabby Chic and a very Sweet Sixteen!

Be savvy &  chic,

~Pink  Collar Coach

My Furry Valentine

My Furry Valentine

I’ve been back to blogging for about 25 days, and though Valentine’s Day was Thursday, I’m feeling especially grateful for My Furry Valentine today. Three years ago, my sweet hubby took me to our local animal shelter for the event by that name, and it was there a two year old gray beauty, Peppa, stole my heart. I added Loveday –– a character in a favorite Rosamunde Pilcher book entitled Coming Home –– and am reminded how much my husband adores me each time I say it. You see, he really wasn’t in favor of our first kitty, Skylar Belle, joining our blended family, but gave in to my needling for my kiddos to have a pet. They were my first consideration in giving her a sibling, but he confided that he really got her for me. That knowledge and Peppa Loveday’s docile spirit made her my constant companion. In fact, she now resides at the tiny house I rent for personal and professional use. And today, docile as she is, she earned her keep by serving as a mouser and dealing with an unwanted visitor. Her feline feat has endeared My Furry Valentine to me even more!

My Furry Valentine, Peppa Loveday. At peace in my Petite Place.                                       Abbuson needlepoint rug –– found over a decade ago at TJ Maxx.

As Peppa Loveday sits at my feet while I write, she reminds me that we females can be ultra feminine, pretty, sweet, and meek. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t intrepid too. Though she is skittish –– I believe she was abused by the original owners who named her then dumped her off at the pound –– this trait has been evident in Peppa Loveday from the moment we brought her home. While Skylar hissed and growled, Peppa never once cowed to her bullying. In fact, most of the time she simply responded by sitting serenely and looking at her like, Really? 

When I tried to bring Peppa over to the tiny house, at first she wasn’t feeling it and let me know when I tried to put her the pet carrier. Not wanting me to get scratched up again, my husband got a large dog crate, put her food and water inside and trained her not to be afraid to go in. That’s how we finally got her over to what I’m beginning to think of as “My Petite Place”. Having her with me makes it feel even more like a home/office. And it makes me feel my husband’s love all over again. After all, not only did he go to great lengths to get Peppa Loveday for me in the first place, he’s gone above and beyond to bring me My Furry Valentine.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Master Bedroom

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Master Bedroom

Day 218 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has been an unusual Sunday for me in that I spent the entire day working on professional tasks, however, because I’d taken pictures earlier in the week that depict how it’s beginning to look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas in the master bedroom, I’m happy to be able to post. I’m still like a child myself when it comes to Christmas, and my tall, handsome, sweet hubby reminds me of the cutest little boy. Our room is a beautiful, romantic space and serves as a sanctuary from the world. Filling it with little touches that remind us it’s Christmas makes it an even more inviting retreat. Between all of my pink Shabby Chic and vintage inspired touches and his traditional red and green (not visible in my photo of course!), it really does look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas in our bedroom.

Our huge four-poster with all  it’s sumptuous Simply Shabby Chic bedding. A perfect spot to hang green & pink His and Her stockings. Sunlight streaming in makes it hard to see His…My nightstand holds a tiny frosted pale green tree with pink pom-pom ornaments; his is green.
You may recognize this Simply Shabby Chic Santa. He’s not like Elf on the Shelf getting moved around; He’s actually a triplet! After searching for years, I scooped up three at Target last year. The candle holder is one of my faves – pink and rhinestone bling!                                                        The runner is a treasured piece from my beloved Aunt Bertie. Can’t recall life w/o it on a dresser.
This busy corner makes me happy. A pic of my hubby and me on our big day, a Shabby Chic inspired mannequin decked out in Christmas finery in the form of pins from Simply Shabby Chic stockings. More Christmas Houses in pastel colors & my side of the bed reflected in the mirror.
Another candle holder with bling that complements this bottle brush tree encased in a dome. One of my sisters-in-law embroidered the handkerchief with my name as a wedding gift. I framed it in a shadow box, which are a recurring theme in our room, as are roses evidenced in this Shabby Chic inspired painting on wood. I got it at the grocery store soon after I got my own place after being homeless.

Still, the day itself really has been unusual. No church. No Joel Osteen sermon. Just getting work I’d normally do on a weekday done today so I can spend the bulk of tomorrow with a soul sister for her birthday. But something that wasn’t unusual is the tender love and care my husband showed me today. Every day he does something that reminds me how blessed I am. When I went through my rock bottom stage, my prayer was that God would give me a godly husband. Boy did He deliver! If you’re familiar with the Bible story of Ruth and Boaz, you know, like me, she’d lost everything. But then Boaz, who was a man of means and also a distant relative, let her glean from his fields. Essentially, he told his workers to leave extra wheat on the ground for her to pick up when they were done. Eventually they married. Ruth referred to him as her kinsman-redeemer, which is a picture of Christ.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose wife, I too, feel as though I was grafted into my husband’s family. He’s more than my hubby. He’s kin. And he’s redeemed me in so many ways…Not only am I happy to be in love with my best friend, I’m happy that it’s beginnning to look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas in our master bedroom.

Whether you’re married or single, I hope you’re inspired to bring your own Savvy & Chic Christmas style into your bedroom too. Sweet sugarplum dreams…

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



Pink Collar Coach’s Prerogative to Change My Design Mind

Pink Collar Coach’s Prerogative to Change My Design Mind

It’s Day 101 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and these photos probably look familiar. A few months ago I posted when I found this peacock chair and initially styled it using the decorative plastic mats from my front deck, a bohemian inspired lapis shell end table, a shell hanging piece, and a square Simply Shabby Chic pillow. Then, a few weeks ago, I switched out the lapis table because it wasn’t holding up well under the elements (it’s been moved to my daughter’s room where it fits in well with her shabby-boho decor). I replaced the piece with a brass end table to tie in with the existing light fixture, Shabby Chic-ed some succulents and added decorative brass ones in boho-inspired pots. A thrifted brass angel pot holder and bohemian pot finished out the space. I was happy with it and appreciated that you readers liked it too.

Then, last weekend, when my husband had his jack-of-all-trades guy out to power wash the porch and decks before re-staining them, he informed me that my beautiful decorative mats were causing mold and other problems on the front porch and could not be put back down. Apparently, because the porch gets the least amount of sun and doesn’t have air circulating beneath it like the back deck and the one off our third floor bedroom, the water wasn’t drying out or evaporating but it was ruining the wood. Bummer! I thought.

But then, maybe not. I did love the way the pattern in those mats looked with the peacock chair and had searched in vain for similar ones to pair with it. So, I retrieved the mats from the garage (I was NOT happy that they’d been relegated there and may have gotten lost or thrown out if I hadn’t retrieved them quickly enough). Back on the bedroom deck, they did look great but somehow threw off the brass table and succulents. Another trip to TJMaxx and Home Goods was required. At the latter, I. Fell. In. Love. Not with one, but two of the most gorgeous garden stools I’ve ever seen. You may know where this is leading…Yep, those garden stools inspired me to redo the entire space.

Remember that commercial about decorating changes in one room leading to another room in the house and then another?  Well, that’s what happened here. The rugs led to the garden stools, the garden stools led to eliminating the brass “succulents”, angel and pot, and to rearranging the Shabby Chic-ed succulents. I added another pink succulent pot, this one geometrical, to top the garden stool that serves the chair. It’s a perfect spot to rest my coffee cup and phone while I read. The LED light I added is battery operated and lives in the plastic storage bin when not in use. Love how it keeps a bit of the brass from the existing fixture in play. Next, I went on a quest for  a wall hanging to fill the empty space above the chair. It needed to fit my beauty, comfort, function requirements: a) be Shabby-Chic, preferably macrame, and visually tie in with the other pieces, b) be inspirational or evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility, c) be weather resistant and able to hang from the overhead pipe. Last weekend I struck out at TJ’s and Home Goods, but yesterday, right after brunch, a quick trip to TJ’s yielded this dreamy dream catcher. Bingo and a major score! The final tweak was switching out the square pillow for the round one from my bed, which is also Simply Shabby Chic of course.

What, you may ask, happened to all of the other pieces I’d bought? All will be returned, except for the angel and pot that now add to the boho vibe in my daughter’s room. Good thing I always keep not only the receipts but tags for larger items in case I live with them for a few days or even weeks and then decide they’re not the right fit.

My outdoor Shabby Chic She Space. There is a method to my madness. Note how the design of the dream catcher, the pattern in the pillow, the one in the rug  and even the geometric succulent pot tie together beautifully. The  pillow’s little pom poms mimic the dot design on the garden stools and the round motif is carried throughout. 
My view from the peacock chair. The green in the garden stool is visible – a perfect match to the soft sage green of the chair and succulents. The brown banding on the mats makes the brown deck prettier. Funny how embracing things we hate about our homes can make us love them. Can’t say the same about the ugly dumpster that’s there for the house next door’s renovation…

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who will keep tszujing my home until it’s what I really want, I’m so glad it’s my prerogative to change my mind about my home’s interior design. (BTW – tszujing means to improve something by tweaking it to better fit what it’s meant to do functionally and artistically; pronounced zhujing). I hope me excercising my prerogative inspires you Pink Collar Savvy & Chic ladies to do the same in your home or office.

~Pink Collar Coach



Sweet Dream Come True

Simply Shabby Chic Dream Sign in My Sanctuary

Sweetest Day and my hubby is a sweet heart for sure.  The flea market metal heart hanging from our four poster bed is a treasured reminder of his love and care for me. The heart has a key hole and he has the key to mine. A long overdue and much needed new laptop that is compatible with my iPhone is a gift that has breathed new life into my creativity and desire to launch this blog. Visions of it have been dancing in my head for quite some time…and his thoughtfulness made it a reality. A place to write, share, and hopefully inspire pink collar professionals – inside and outside the workplace – to live the lives you’ve always dreamed, well, for me, this dream come true couldn’t be much sweeter. Happy Sweetest Day everyone!