Keep Calm and Zumba On!

Keep Calm and Zumba On!

It’s Day 329 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and I had to Keep Calm and Zumba On! while teaching my Friday class. I started teaching  Zumba  at work two and a half years ago when I was the director of a life coaching program but didn’t become licensed until the fall of last year. During that time, I also subbed. But never have I felt stressed teaching – until this afternoon. With a great turn out, things were going well like they always do until noon. Then, suddenly we began experiencing technical difficulties. The Zumba playlist saved on my phone wouldn’t cooperate, and I couldn’t connect to WIFI to pull songs up that way. One woman – with her gorgeous English accent (I’m an Anglophile and could listen to her all day) – tried to help me figure out the phone issue and offered her own when that proved to no avail. But alas, her phone wouldn’t fit the Y’s speaker system chord. Another woman attempted to come to my aid but realized she’d left her phone at home. And another instructor who has my playlist on her phone couldn’t make it because her daughter is sick. After five minutes of fiddling, it seemed class might be over early. We all attributed the problem to the extensive roadwork going on right outside – perhaps the Internet was down? At any rate a few women graciously told me not to worry about it as they headed out the door. Just when they’d left, the music – at least some of it decided to play. Someone ran and got them back before they headed downstairs and we resumed class. If you could call it that! My schizophrenic playlist had a mind of its own – playing only what it wanted – and had me leading songs I haven’t practiced in ages. To say I improvised is putting it mildly. I had no idea what I was doing but had to try and Keep Calm and Zumba On!

Keep Calm and Zumba With Me

The great thing is, every woman there showed me much grace. Even a newbie to my class. She could have easily thought, This is a hot mess! and thrown in the towel. Instead she repeated what had quickly become my mantra: At least we’re moving! By the end of what was the most stressful teaching situation I’ve ever been in – I was a literal hot mess! I always perspire profusely when dancing – thanks to hormonal changes in my almost fifty body, but this was different. You know that stress sweat they talk about on that commercial? Yeah, that was me. I’m having a flash just recollecting it now! I must have apologized twenty times…Tell her it isn’t usually like this! I rasped out numerous times with my asthma at full throttle. Erratic as the routines were, my newbie and all of the other women said they’d be back. Furthermore, many went out of their way to hug me and say how well I handled the situation. If I appeared calm, it was nothing but the grace of God combined with their graciousness…

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Zumba instructor, I try to make dancing a wonderful experience every time. Part of that includes engaging women, not only in class but before and after. On the two days I teach, I send out a post with some type of image or inspiration. Yesterday I came across one – above – and felt it would be perfect to post for this morning’s class. Never could I have imagined how apropos it would be! So here’s a thank you and shout out to all the lovely Zumba loving ladies who demonstrated what it really means to Keep Calm and Zumba With Me!

Have you ever had to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and Keep Calm in a home or work situation that felt anything but? What insight or inspiration did you gain?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach