A Night on Broadway in Chicago to See “Hamilton: An American Musical” – Review

A Night on Broadway in Chicago to See “Hamilton: An American Musical” – Review

It’s Day 356 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I just returned from home from a night on Broadway (in Chicago) to see Hamilton: An American Musical. That, traveling and sightseeing are the reasons I haven’t blogged since Tuesday. But let me backtrack…On Memorial Day my sweet hubby mentioned having a clear schedule this week and that he wanted to take me to Waco, Texas to see all things Fixer Upper. I’d expressed interest in visiting because our daughter-in-law is and I thought it would be something she and I could bond over as all our guys played golf. That being the case, I told him I’d rather make that particular trip when she and my oldest stepson can get the time off. Besides, since he was willing to drive to Texas, I’d much rather go to Round Top and stay at The Prairie – Rachel Ashwell, the founder of Shabby Chic’s, Bed & Breakfast. Beyond thrilled with this chance, I called to make reservations only to learn she just sold the B&B in January! Disappointed but not daunted, I researched which theaters were showing the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning musical about Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton I’ve been dying to see.  I found a decent deal on tickets for a show at the CIBC Theater last night (FYI – you can get 5% off if you’re a Triple A member). So, true to his word about wanting to treat me, my husband drove us into The Windy City  Wednesday, found a hotel, took me to a tour downtown Chicago, and then escorted me to a magical night seeing Broadway in Chicago’s presentation of Hamilton.

I got so many compliments from other fashionistas on my floral dress & bag.                                Both, as well as the kitten heels & gold cardi Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx but purchased separately.
Me and my husband outside the theater. 

Excited as I was about the musical, I’d never been to Chicago and wanted to take in all I could. My husband is well-traveled and served as the perfect tour guide. After we crashed at a quaint hotel Wednesday night, he deftly navigated the insane traffic, drove me through downtown, pointing out sites of interest, and then found a parking garage on Monroe Street where the CIBC Theater is located. We we walked one direction to Maggie Daley Park and along Lake Shore Drive where the police and fire departments have stations on the marina. Being landlocked in suburbia, I thought that was so cool! Next, we went the other way and had delectable salted caramel custard at the Shake Shack, which is anything but. Located inside the Chicago Athletic Club, the architecture of which is stunning, as is that of SO many of the buildings, we took an elevator to the top of the building where we had a rooftop view of Millennial Park. With our plan to save enough time to get changed for the theater, we dined alfresco at The Plaza, the park’s outdoor venue. If you’ve never had a Chicago style sausage, I highly recommend it! Sated on that and the best hummus and pita bread I’ve ever had, we went back, donned our evening wear and made it to the Majestic Building with time for photos – of course!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose creative – I adore art, dance, drama, fashion, literature, and music – Hamilton didn’t disappoint. In fact, it delivered in spades. All written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, based on Alexander Hamilton’s biography – he was an immigrant from the Carribean – the musical is sung/rapped through with a combination of all kinds of genres of music. And the cast is intentionally made up of a multitude of ethnicities and skin tones. It remains fairly true to the real-life, historical events but of course takes some creative license for dramatic effect. The choreography is brilliant and had the audience – as diverse as the cast – sitting on the edges of our seats. The fact that Hamilton was a prolific writer made the plot even more relevant for me. Seeing such a powerful play, along with all the other adventures, made for an unforgettable night on Broadway in Chicago and ensures I won’t soon forget seeing Hamilton.

If you haven’t considered seeing this play, I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and check it out.


Pink Collar Coach’s Positivity Post – May 31, 2018

Pink Collar Coach’s Positivity Post – May 31, 2018

First time in Chicago! A walk along Lake Shore Drive before my sweet hubby and I see “Hamilton” tonight. Blessed to have someone who exposes me to new experiences I haven’t enjoyed before. Hope you’re enjoying life wherever you are.



Memorable Mother’s Day

Memorable Mother’s Day

It’s Day 337 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I had a memorable Mother’s Day. Because I’m divorced and don’t always have my children, my husband goes out of his way to make this day extra special. He started early this week by bringing home a bouquet of daisies, irises and a pink rose. Last night he had a reservation to PF Chang’s for us, my three stepsons, our daughter-in-law and Izzy. She was born three years into my marriage to her Grandpa so I became Mimi – a derivative of Tammi – as opposed to Grandma. Dinner, dessert at The Creamery and sitting around the fountain was a good family time made even more so when my oldest stepson’s family gave me a card and an arrangement of white daisies and lilac lilies. As if that wasn’t enough, my hero hubby also had a lunch reservation for us and my teens at The Golden Lamb. A close family friend and his young adult son joined us. They enjoyed the restaurant’s storied history as much as my kiddos. We sat in a room decorated with the twelve presidents who have stayed there. All of us stuffed ourselves on delectable food, including sauerkraut ball appetizers (Hey, don’t knock em ’til you try em!) dipped in yummy sauces and sumptuous main courses like salmon and beef tenderloin. Still, we somehow had room for desert at an old-fashioned ice cream shop. Photos against the quintessentially American small town backdrop with its traditional architecture, cobblestone streets and picturesque park made this Mother’s Day memorable.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, between my teens on a Memorable Mother’s Day.                                            I’m in a Calvin Klein tank, skirt, slingback kitten heels, and a floral blouse.                                                                                The floral handbag was purchased at another time but complements the top perfectly.                    All TJMaxx.                                 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose mom, I don’t take any of these moments for granted. Neither does my hubby. We’re divorced from our children’s other parent – one instant change with long-lasting repercussions. And our children are growing up and away faster than I would have ever imagined – a series of ongoing changes with life impacting results….Considering all of this, the card he gave me when we were back home spoke directly to my Mommy heart and blessed it:

Our life has changed so much 

since we first became parents

but in one way,

it hasn’t changed at all –

you’re still the one I love…

and you always will be.

Happy Mother’s Day 

Like I said, he goes out of his way to make sure I have a memorable Mother’s Day.

I hope you had a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Mother’s Day – whether you were being celebrated or celebrating others – and know that you are loved.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach