Surrounded by Swan Soul Sisters

Surrounded by Swan Soul Sisters

It’s Day 58 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and I’m feeling blessed to be surrounded by Swan Soul Sisters.

Smart at Work (Professional)

I’m not gonna lie. Today has been a roller coaster ride. My work day started off well with me rising early to present about Hope House Mission where I’m the Women’s Center Director, at an AK Steel/United Way event. Because the former is featured in JD Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy and the latter has Bold Goals around Income and a Stable Families Initiative, drawing the connection between these and our work proved to be a natural fit, so I felt well prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for was being blinded by sunlight while trying to get to an unfamiliar location, traffic issues and dumb directions –– a new D or challenge women face ––  from my GPS, that had me discombobulated by the time I arrived!  Once there, however, what I shared was well received and set me up for a great work day on the professional front.

Serene at Home (Personal)

But like the glaring sunlight that blind sighted me, so did some personal dysfunctional relationship dynamics  that plunged me into a  depression.At times I feel as though I’ve been dubbed “The Queen of the Ds”…Rather than focus on my family of origin or the one I’ve created, instead I’m choosing joy and gratitude because I’m surrounded by Swan Soul Sisters.

Sense of Style (Packaging)

Saturdays often have me Surrounded by Swan Soul Sisters (2 weeks ago).   Me, Pink Collar Coach, in the middle with Marina & Kibby on either side. My outfit all Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx with exception of shoes, Stein Mart.

Summary (Putting it Into Practice)

It’s easy, and oh so tempting, to let myself get sucked into a pit of despair, but I believe God allows me to go through the things I do so I can share how I’m able to minimize my barriers and maximize beauty and my best professional and personal life ––  all to His glory.  In this instance, being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose means blogging (writing about painful occurrences to render them historical) and surrounding myself with positivity from my Swan Soul Sisters.

Spirit-Led (Prayer)

I pray when you’re facing personal and professional Ds this post will inspire you to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose in order to minimize them, too.

Be savvy & chic, 

~Pink Collar Coach

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Merry & Bright in Myrtle Beach

Merry & Bright in Myrtle Beach

Day 227 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has me feeling merry & bright in Myrtle Beach. Before everyone woke up, my sweet hubby and I got to enjoy breakfast together at the Sea Captain’s House, an iconic restaurant on Ocean Boulevard, located right next door to our condo. I’ve always loved eating here because being seated on the covered patio affords expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean. And if you’re seated in just the right spot, you also get a glimpse of the lush tropical landscaping and colorful flowers that make it look like summer in July instead of the end of the year. One of my favorite things is though the restaurant uses traditional colors for its Christmas decor, when paired with coastal beach, it’s right up my Shabby Chic alley. I’m so glad I didn’t let all of my professional responsibilities stop me from making this trip. Instead, I’m staying on top of my tasks and still feel merry and bright in Myrtle Beach.

Me, Pink Collar Coach in front of the Sea Captain’s House. There are no walkable restaurants in my suburb back home, so being able to walk outside and across a path for a meal is a treat!
Our breakfast view of palm trees, sun, sand, sky and miles of ocean – just steps beyond our table.
Me surrounded by chef Santas, wreaths, garland and lights. Love the juxtaposition of a beach scene painting with the rough-hewn massive fireplace. My hubby took the picture, so he’s a little cut off, but the Sea Captain visible in the left corner and I are dressed alike.                                          I’m in Calvin Klein trumpet sleeve sweater, jeans, booties and handbag.

We’ve been escaping to Myrtle Beach for the last few years because it’s the only way our big fat blended family can truly have time together to bond as our own little unit without other things at home encroaching. Because my husband is an amazing steward of our resources, we’re able to stay in the penthouse. We leave Christmas evening and travel all night so the children (two grown, one a year shy of being an adult, a teen and a tween) can sleep throughout. Now we have the oldest’s four-year-old with us too. That first year, we were like the first half of that commercial where the children lose a shoe and get sick on the flight then arrive at the hotel looking totally bedraggled. Now we’re like the second half when the glee on their faces once they see the panoramic view of the ocean causes the parents to make the score motion as the voice actor says, “Bookin.yeah!”

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Coach, I try to be careful about not posting in a way that makes it look as if I’m living the meme – or the perfect picture. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to make take this trip – especially considering how a family crisis prevented us from being able to last year as planned. Not having been in two years, one would think I would have been raring to get on the road considering the fact that it’s been a tough two years. Instead, because it’s the first year my children couldn’t be with us, I went into a funk of depression (a D) and almost stayed behind. Thankfully, my husband used some tough love that caused me to come to my senses. As soon as I saw that water, I was like “Bookin.yeah!” myself!  Then, a started reading a novel set in Myrtle Beach! Talk about confirmation I’m meant to be here. If not for my hubby I would have been home feeling down and dark. That makes it even more special that I’m here feeling merry & bright in Myrtle Beach.

If you’re facing the Ds (challenges), how can you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose to minimize the obstacle and maximize the opportuities in front of you? Even if a vacation is not in your near future, how can you bring more of the people and places you love into your life this season?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach