Shabby Chic Kitchen & Dining Decor Deals

Shabby Chic Kitchen & Dining Decor Deals

It’s Day 344 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and after days of blogging about nothing but my first book signing, I’m happy to do post on Shabby Chic kitchen and dining decor deals. After the sensational Seasons of Her Soul Coffee & Connect book signing yesterday, I came home briefly, changed and then headed out to a family birthday party. Exhausted from all the excitement, I knew I wouldn’t last long and drove separate from my hubby. He suggested I park in a church parking lot and then hop in his car due to limited spaces at the house. Hesitant, I grew more skeptical when he said he’d drive me back to my car whenever I wanted. Needless to say, he wasn’t ready to do that when I was, so I ended up walking about a mile uphill in the sweltering sun. If I wasn’t ready to crash before, I certainly was by the time I finally made it to my car! At any rate, I didn’t nap but blogged and eventually fell asleep watching HGTV. Today, after watching the Royal Wedding since I missed it due to the signing (I’m an Anglophile, so thank goodness for the Internet!) church, teaching Zumba and a lengthy heart-to-heart with my neighbor, I’m settling down for the American Idol Finale. Before I do, I thought writing a lighthearted post that wasn’t too taxing would be just the ticket. Recently, I scored some Shabby Chic kitchen and dining decor deals at Easter that fit the bill perfectly.

Ruffled Linen Blend Table Runner – The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell, Linen Apron – Shabby Chic, and Floral Apron – Simply Shabby Chic. TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Target respectively. I’ve actually had the floral apron for a while but just found the other items the night before Easter. They hang in the kitchen. 

Rachel Ashwell’s Simply Shabby Chic line for Target released around 2003 when my daughter, Liv, was born. I remember the ecstasy I felt when I discovered I could actually purchase authentic items from my design sheroe. At first, the shelves were filled with so many beautiful items I had to exercise serious restraint not to blow all the grocery money on them since I’d become a full-time homemaker after Liv’s birth. Soon, however, the supply dwindled down to mostly bedding and curtains with an occasional new or seasonal item thrown in. That being the case, when I went to Home Goods the night before Easter on a quest for something to freshen up the table to host our family gathering, I was elated to find aprons, napkins and table runners ala The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell and genuine Shabby Chic! Spoiled for choice of color – white, taupe, gray, blue – and styles – checked, ruffled, stitched, striped, all at reasonabel prices ranging $7.99 for a set of four dinner napkins to $12.99 for 100% linen table runners, of course I loaded up!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Shabby Chicophile, I’ve learned that these treasures aren’t always available. In fact, after Zumba today, I looked for any remaining and suspect others snatched them up knoiwng the same because I found none. Like me, they’re savvy and have owned their sense of style – in this case, Shabby Chic. They’re not about to let the real deal slip through their hands when it makes a rare appearance. Snatching them up doesn’t have to break the bank; when you pass on things that aren’t truly your style, you have the means to purchase what is. Like I did with my Shabby Chic kitchen and dining decor deals!

How are you Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose about scoring your sense of style, whatever it is, decor deals for home or office?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



Pink Collar Coach’s Prerogative to Change My Design Mind

Pink Collar Coach’s Prerogative to Change My Design Mind

It’s Day 101 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and these photos probably look familiar. A few months ago I posted when I found this peacock chair and initially styled it using the decorative plastic mats from my front deck, a bohemian inspired lapis shell end table, a shell hanging piece, and a square Simply Shabby Chic pillow. Then, a few weeks ago, I switched out the lapis table because it wasn’t holding up well under the elements (it’s been moved to my daughter’s room where it fits in well with her shabby-boho decor). I replaced the piece with a brass end table to tie in with the existing light fixture, Shabby Chic-ed some succulents and added decorative brass ones in boho-inspired pots. A thrifted brass angel pot holder and bohemian pot finished out the space. I was happy with it and appreciated that you readers liked it too.

Then, last weekend, when my husband had his jack-of-all-trades guy out to power wash the porch and decks before re-staining them, he informed me that my beautiful decorative mats were causing mold and other problems on the front porch and could not be put back down. Apparently, because the porch gets the least amount of sun and doesn’t have air circulating beneath it like the back deck and the one off our third floor bedroom, the water wasn’t drying out or evaporating but it was ruining the wood. Bummer! I thought.

But then, maybe not. I did love the way the pattern in those mats looked with the peacock chair and had searched in vain for similar ones to pair with it. So, I retrieved the mats from the garage (I was NOT happy that they’d been relegated there and may have gotten lost or thrown out if I hadn’t retrieved them quickly enough). Back on the bedroom deck, they did look great but somehow threw off the brass table and succulents. Another trip to TJMaxx and Home Goods was required. At the latter, I. Fell. In. Love. Not with one, but two of the most gorgeous garden stools I’ve ever seen. You may know where this is leading…Yep, those garden stools inspired me to redo the entire space.

Remember that commercial about decorating changes in one room leading to another room in the house and then another?  Well, that’s what happened here. The rugs led to the garden stools, the garden stools led to eliminating the brass “succulents”, angel and pot, and to rearranging the Shabby Chic-ed succulents. I added another pink succulent pot, this one geometrical, to top the garden stool that serves the chair. It’s a perfect spot to rest my coffee cup and phone while I read. The LED light I added is battery operated and lives in the plastic storage bin when not in use. Love how it keeps a bit of the brass from the existing fixture in play. Next, I went on a quest for  a wall hanging to fill the empty space above the chair. It needed to fit my beauty, comfort, function requirements: a) be Shabby-Chic, preferably macrame, and visually tie in with the other pieces, b) be inspirational or evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility, c) be weather resistant and able to hang from the overhead pipe. Last weekend I struck out at TJ’s and Home Goods, but yesterday, right after brunch, a quick trip to TJ’s yielded this dreamy dream catcher. Bingo and a major score! The final tweak was switching out the square pillow for the round one from my bed, which is also Simply Shabby Chic of course.

What, you may ask, happened to all of the other pieces I’d bought? All will be returned, except for the angel and pot that now add to the boho vibe in my daughter’s room. Good thing I always keep not only the receipts but tags for larger items in case I live with them for a few days or even weeks and then decide they’re not the right fit.

My outdoor Shabby Chic She Space. There is a method to my madness. Note how the design of the dream catcher, the pattern in the pillow, the one in the rug  and even the geometric succulent pot tie together beautifully. The  pillow’s little pom poms mimic the dot design on the garden stools and the round motif is carried throughout. 
My view from the peacock chair. The green in the garden stool is visible – a perfect match to the soft sage green of the chair and succulents. The brown banding on the mats makes the brown deck prettier. Funny how embracing things we hate about our homes can make us love them. Can’t say the same about the ugly dumpster that’s there for the house next door’s renovation…

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who will keep tszujing my home until it’s what I really want, I’m so glad it’s my prerogative to change my mind about my home’s interior design. (BTW – tszujing means to improve something by tweaking it to better fit what it’s meant to do functionally and artistically; pronounced zhujing). I hope me excercising my prerogative inspires you Pink Collar Savvy & Chic ladies to do the same in your home or office.

~Pink Collar Coach