Pink Collar Coach’s Positivity Post – August 25, 2019 (via Beth Moore event)

Pink Collar Coach’s Positivity Post – August 25, 2019 (via Beth Moore event)

Good morning, Pink Collar Swans,

Another takeaway from this weekend’s Living Proof Live 2019 Beth Moore event. I’ve shared this Scripture before, but not this translation which was included in our study guide. If you’re anything like me and are grappling with any personal or professional decisions – another of the Ds or challenges women face ––– it’s so good to know our Heavenly gives us sound judgment.


As you prayerfully consider all the pros, cons and implications of your decision, my prayer is that you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and not fear but move forward confidently in this knowledge that He’s fully equipped you with everything you need to make the best choices in order to minimize your barriers and to maximize beauty and your best life.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


Time To Talk Turkey Thanksgiving Decor and Trusting Our Decisions More

Time To Talk Turkey Thanksgiving Decor and Trusting Our Decisions More

It’s Day 180 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and since I’m restricted to a clear liquid diet and am sipping on my chicken bouillon supper, I’ve got poultry, and Thanksgiving turkey decor on the brain. Because of my lifelong natural affinity for pink and pastels and my twenty-plus year love affair with all things Shabby Chic, I’ve never been a fan of traditional Thanksgiving colors or decor.  Thankfully for me, (pun intended), in recent years the retail market has experienced a shift and now offers a selection of holiday decor in non-traditional colors. That being the case, I have to take some time to talk turkey thanksgiving decor.

Before I do, I’ll explain my train of thought. In order to get to the bottom of the abdominal pain that landed me in the ER twice in the last week and a half, tomorrow I must undergo some tests, hence the dietary restrictions. Having missed out on the chance to check out Target’s new “Hand and Hearth” line from HGTV’s Fixer Uppers Joanna and Chip Gaines yesterday because of the tornado watch, I used the need to pick up Jello as an excuse to do so today. Surprisingly underwhelmed, instead of having to chose between several items I thought I’d love, I purchased nothing which is great for my pocketbook!

Housebound for almost a month, I wasn’t ready to go home and wandered over to TJMaxx. I’d spotted a carved wooden turkey a while back and was intrigued but didn’t buy her. Then, while purusing a blog I discovered while reading Artful Blogging this weekend, I spotted the same turkey in a Thanksgiving feature. Feeling as if it wasn’t a coincidence, I made a mental note to see if she was still there whenever I made it back in.  She was. Given the two sightings, I usually would have snatched her right up, but hesitated. After some deliberation and consulting a store manager who’s become a friend and the sales associate at check out, I bought the inexpensive piece thinking, I can always return her…Then I got her home and Fell. In. Love.

Lovely light teal turkey surrounded by Simply Shabby Chic candle lanterns, plates, and a birthday cake piggy bank that live in the dining room. The Shabby Chic French style sideboard was one of the first pieces I splurged on for my townhouse after being homeless. 
I love adding touches of whimsy in my home and imagine the approach of Thanksgiving would be a time where this lady turkey would need this reminder!                                             BTW – If you haven’t seen Free Birds, it’s a fun movie animated movie about the lengths to which turkeys will go to avoid the Thanksgiving Table!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Cygnet (a young swan), who has been posting quotes from The Smile Jar for a few months now, seldom has one aligned so well with my blog post. Today’s was: “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” – Erica Jong. Knowing how much I love the softer side of Thanksgiving decor, I still wrestled with whether to purchase a unique piece that spoke to me from the beginning to the degree that I solicited advice from two other people. I strive to be a good steward over my resources, so I suppose the hesitation was whether or not I needed her or wanted her. The answer is that I wanted her. And while I won’t condone instant gratification of our wants, I am grateful that I went with mine. The fact that the curved edge of the sideboard caught my eye the minute I walked in the door and fit the piece perfectly was confirmation. Not  only that I made the right choice, but that I should trust my decisions and not doubt them.

What about you? Do you seek advice when you know the answer? About home or office decor? Personal and/or professional decisions? How can you be more Pink Collar Savvy & Chic in these areas of your life?

Be savvy &  chic,

~Pink Collar Coach