Women Feel Better When We’re Dancing

Women Feel Better When We’re Dancing

It’s Day 230 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and yesterday reinforced how women feel better when we’re dancing. As I mentioned in Saturday’s post (I didn’t hit publish until after midnight so it showed up on Sunday), I took a nasty tumble getting into the shower that morning as I prepared to present at the High Heeled Success and Pink Collar Savvy & Chic women’s workshop on networking. After falling my first concern was about how it would impact my performance at the event; my second was It’s going to hurt more tomorrow, so how will I teach Zumba? Thankfully, pain meds and prayer got me through Saturday, but Sunday morning I woke up so sore and stiff, I thought I’d have to do low intensity to get through class. What I didn’t bank on was having about twenty high energy women show up ready to go full throttle. I shared my mishap and then showed them my proof copy of Seasons of Her Soul. Their combined empathy, enthusiasm and excitement throughout made me feel as if I had wings! I was able to lead the class pain free. Women really do feel better when we’re dancing!

Lovely Zumba-loving Ladies. A few left before we could grab a pic –  the energy is still evident! Me, Pink Collar Coach, front center in black, gray and white Calvin Klein performance wear.

Lest you wonder why I’m using the collective term “women”, I’m not the only one who expressed feeling better. There are at least two women in attendance recovering from surgeries, but they attend because a modified dance session is better than none. One Sunday class lover returned because I reinstated the class after a few years without it. The first two classes she was miserable, but this week she was back in her full-on dance zone. Another let me know life has settled down in all other areas so she can now resume dancing, which she’s missed. A young college student, a true Dancing Queen, has expressed interest in becoming a certified instructor. And a Zumba frequent flier who attends classes throughout the week, confessed she gets so into it she has to make herself not sing along so she won’t disturb other dancers. Having one of my mentors attend class and lead a routine and express that I’m doing a great job was so cool and encouraging. An Indiana transplant who just moved here for her husband’s job is finding her tribe with Zumba and I believe will become a friend of mine – she’s another Tammy (with a “y”). And I had the joy of watching at least three newcomers fall in love with Zumba right before my eyes. A beautiful thing to behold. Once the bug bites you, you’re a goner – in the best way!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Zumba instructor, I’m humbled by the way my classes have been received and feel so blessed to be able to serve women in this way. It’s not just dancing, it’s ministry for me…Case in point, I received a text message following yesterday’s class from a woman I hadn’t seen in Zumba in a long time. Knowing that she’s been dealing with some major Ds (challenges), I’d been concerned about her. She told me she ran into one of the other instructors who let her know about my class. She thought it was wonderful and plans to attend each week. She’s also going to read my book and do some life coaching with me as she continues to pursue her best personal and professional life. All because women really do feel better when we’re dancing!

Oh, and doing my first book signing EVER for a someone who brought her copy wasn’t too shoddy either!  ; )

How about you? What makes you feel better? Are you like the women in my class who fight through the Ds to do it? How can you incorporate more of what makes you feel better into your personal and professional life?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

To preview or purchase the ebook or print copy of Seasons of Her Soul, please visit Amazon.




It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Children’s Bathroom & Childlike Faith

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Children’s Bathroom & Childlike Faith

It’s Day 201 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and though I didn’t post yesterday, I’m still making it begin to look a lot like Christmas in my children’s bathroom while exercising childlike faith. While my Friday was productive, spent primarily working on professional tasks and meeting with my book launch coach, I felt discouraged (another D or challenge) about some personal matters. Then, after wrapping up my work, I finally got around to doing my daily devotional. It was entitled “Childlike Faith” and spoke specifically to discouragement. It stated that a child’s faith in God knows no doubt. The prayer at the end asked that God give the kind of faith that doesn’t give up despite discouragement, and that trusts like a child would. I’ve always had that kind of faith but yesterday I felt it waver. After praying that God would renew it, my spirits lifted immediately! I should know by now not to delay doing my devotion! With my childlike faith restored, I set a Santa with silver glitter on top of a cabinet and his smiling presence made it look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas in my children’s bathroom.

Santa fits in perfectly in my daughter and son’s bathroom. The room has putty colored walls, but with the addition of lots of white, silver, and Shabby Chic touches, I’ve learned to live with it. 
This standard builder grade light fixture came with the house. I always intended to replace it, but somehow the addition of vintage style Edison style bulbs modernized it. Now I love it! The Spode Vintage Denim pattern plate and matching bowl ended up mysteriously broken. Rather than toss them, I Gorilla glued. The plate hangs above the light & the bowl sits nearby where Santa stands. 

Today, I remained in good spirits. For one thing, I  not only got to dance, I got to lead class. Our wonderful instructor had car problems, so I got the class warmed up with two songs. Invigorating and excruciating is how I’d describe it! I’m still not back to full strength…But more than anything, it was just pure joy. I ALWAYS feel better, at least emotionally, when I’m dancing. : ) And no matter what my body feels like during, I never regret pushing through the pain. Hanging out with my hubby tonight was good for me too. From the beginning, he’s admired my childlike faith, so when I’m with him, I try to focus on the positive. He truly brings out the best in me.

A sign from my She Storage Shed. It was a TJMaxx find about a quarter century ago. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose holiday decorating enthusiast, a through and through Zumba lover, and a child of God, I thought blogging about holiday decor would be a lighthearted endeavor. But it has called up some emotions I try hard to suppress. Dancing really does help. Still, the truth of it is, the holidays can be hard. I admit that not to discourage, but to encourage. Sometimes, we have to acknowledge our feelings and cry out for help  during the hard (I cried buckets yesterday) in order to get the encouragement we need. Because just as we parents and lovers of the children in our lives long to give them good things, like a bathroom that’s beginning to look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas, God longs to bless us, His precious children. Call out to him with the faith of a child. He’s a good, good Father, and will answer.

Are you facing the D of discouragement this holiday season? Be of good courage – the opposite of discouraged – it’s the season of good tidings of great joy! Baby Jesus was born!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



A Warm Welcome Back from My Awesome Weekend Zumba Crew

A Warm Welcome Back from My Awesome Weekend Zumba Crew

It’s Day 184 of the Pink Collar Savvy Savvy and Chic on Purpose Project and this morning I received a such a warm welcome back from my awesome weekend Zumba crew that it warmed my heart. During the week I dance at my local YMCA and know the ladies from living in the community and having children in the same schools. Because we’re connected through our group Zumba page, other social media and via text, they know why I’ve been out for a month due to illness. Not so with my Saturday Fitworks crew. My friend Kibby has a membership and I attend as her guest, so while I’m friendly with the women in class, we only know each other by first name and aren’t in touch during the week. That made the warm welcome that greeted me even sweeter.

Fitworks Zumba Crew                                                                                                                               Me, Pink Collar Coach front row, outside right in Calvin Klein athletic wear. 

While the ladies in class didn’t have my contact info, because I’m a newly certified Zumba instructor, our teacher, Marina, located me through our Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Zumba group to let me know she’d missed me in class. Marina replaced our long time teacher only a few months ago, so it moved me that she went the extra mile to contact me. When I replied explained I was sick, she sent her well wishes and prayers. Also, because I’m short, I always stand in front directly to her left. She told me “Your spot is empty right now and waiting for you to fill it.” That little message motivated me to get better so I could get back.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who dances not only because I love it, but because I need it, I’m not gonna lie. Today was hard. My stomach hurt all last night and I woke up with a throbbing headache. I thought, How am I going to dance when I still don’t feel good? Then I remembered, I ALWAYS feel better when I’m dancing. I pushed through and got to class but was exhausted. After about twenty minutes of low intensity dancing I was ready to sit down. Forty minutes in I thought I was going to pass out. Marina stopped dancing for a moment to check on me after I took a few puffs of my inhaler and then bent over double in pain. Unable to join in for the first half of a new song, I watched the cool choreography and listened to the empowering lyrics and had to jump back in. By the end of the hour, I was so glad I’d come. I owe that to my awesome weekend Zumba crew, and do exactly what the title of that new song commands for women: Salute!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

“Leap” for Labor Day – Movie Review – Truly Family Friendly

“Leap” for Labor Day – Movie Review – Truly Family Friendly

Image result
Felicia Milliner. Fictitious heroine in “Leap”.
 Image courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes (ironically).
Though I actually saw “Leap” yesterday, I’m writing a review of it for Day 121 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. It’s received some rotten tomatoes from critics, but I believe I offer a fresh perspective, so please bare with me a) in case you’re wondering why I’m reviewing a children’s movie, and b) in case you’ve heard bad things/haven’t heard of it at all. Regarding the former, there are some lessons in this kids’ computer animated movie about holding on to our dreams that we adults can all use in real time. The latter was the case with me until my dear friend, Kibby, mentioned it. With my love of children’s movies, I was surprised I hadn’t seen one advertisement for it.
Most people know I love dance and am all about following your dreams, so the fact that the plot revolves around a tween orphan, Felicie, who wants to be a dancer more than anything in the world, and her best friend, Victor, who longs to be a famous inventor, and I was all in. The setting is Brittany, France, that is until the ambitious duo run away from the orphanage to Paris in hot pursuit of their dreams. Of course, their adventure is fraught with conflict and challenges, such as archenemies, wicked witch-like adult saboteurs, bad guys turned good, and even a prepubecent love interest. As if just being orphan children on the run in a huge city with nothing but the rags on their backs isn’t enough! The tactics these two employ to make their elusive dreams come true are unconventional to say the least… Some secondary characters offer both children opportunities and play a large part in making their individual pursuits possible. Some have compared the plot to “Flashdance” but have been very unkind about its weaknesses. I won’t give the ending away, but will ask that you give the movie chance. You will laugh, maybe tear up a little, and be uplifted.
This inspiring story is naive in a lighthearted, refreshing way. And by naive, I mean innocent in a truly family friendly way. From what I can tell, the critics are compairing this children’s movie to the other big name producers who pack so much adult innuendo into the movies to sell to the parents that I’ve often been embarrassed while watching with my kiddos. You know it’s bad when you’re eleven-year-old blushes and says, “Well, that was inappropriate.” Other than a little potty humor, there is none of that in this film. Instead, this little girl, on the verge of becoming a young woman, has always carried a candle for dancing in her heart, from the cradle. Literally, since a music box with a ballerina was the only thing her birth mother left there with her at the orgphanage. A postcard from a ballet academy in Paris fans the flame, and Felicie does light up the stage, something most little girls (and big ones) only dream of doing.
Liv – Ballet Class.
Liv – Tap Class.
Liv’s ballet shoes hang in my room. I’ll keep them always.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick whose dream of my daughter loving dance didn’t come true due to divorce (it wasn’t encouraged), I’ll still support her in whatever her dreams are. She is a talented artist and has a gorgeous voice. At one point, she wanted to be the next American Idol. Sound lofty? Dreams are. But like the movie demonstrated, you’ll never know how high you can get if you don’t leap.

And you’ll never know if “Leap” deserves rotten tomatoes or is being reviewed by those sucking on lemons. Hope you’ll find out for yourself. Happy Labor Day!

Be  savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

Bob Evans Brunch Down on the Farm Following Fitness

Bob Evans Brunch Down on the Farm Following Fitness

What a great way to celebrate Day 100 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. Zumba and yummy brunch at Bob Evans. Dancing, having a meal together after praying, and then catching up on life with a friend who is more like a sister is a perfect way for me to spend Saturday mornings. Kibby and I have been doing this for five years now but are unfortunately experiencing turn over with our teachers. After our class recently moved to an earlier time (hence brunch instead of lunch like before), it is now being cancelled after next Saturday. Our instructor was made another offer to teach dance elsewhere and it was too good for her to refuse. Though we’re happy for her, it’s a total bummer that our class is going away. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, since we are experiencing similar turnover at the Y where I’ve subbed for a few years, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get my certification as I mentioned in a previous post. This just makes me more determined. Hopefully I’ll be able to take over both classes. It’s a double win for me because the Y is going to pay 75-100% of my training cost, and if I begin teaching at the other gym, I’ll get a free membership (I’ve gone as Kibby’s guest all these years). Zumba certification is costly as are gym memberships, so if any of you are interested in teaching, you can find classes on line by googling Zumba Trainings near you. Being AED and CPR certified is also required. Local fires stations offer these trainings. I hope you find this info helpful.

The wall mural makes us look as if we really are down on the farm!                                                     I’d just rummaged in my bag for my wallet to pay the bill, hence it and my umbrella sticking up! Kibby is gorgeous in her animal print and I’m in my Calvin Klein. We both know what we like! 
Our server was awesome and captured the above picture, however he cut off our shoes.  These Calvin Klein gold braided wedge mules are oldies but goodies. They pair perfectly with the  Calvin Klein cork and its gold accents. An image consultant client bartered it for services.      That’s savvy!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who understands the value of women being in life with one another, it is SO worth it for me to add “Certified Zumba Instructor” to my Pink Collar Portfolio Career. It’s another tool in my Coach’s belt since many of my image consultations involve addressing the issues most of us have with our bodies. Being more knowledgeable about fitness will benefit the women I work with. Besides, I adore dancing and have always wanted to teach it, so this is a dream come true.  Even if that wasn’t the case, I would do it anyway because as much as dance feeds my soul, time with my Soul Sister does that in spades. Getting certified and teaching the class will ensure we have many more years of Brunch Down on the Farm (or Lunch at BWs) Following Fitness!

~Pink Collar Coach

Use What You Do as Decor and Do it More (For Me, It’s Dance)!

Use What You Do as Decor and Do it More (For Me, It’s Dance)!

It’s Day 96 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and I didn’t get to dance! Although my day started with a phone call for me to proceed with getting my Zumba certification and teaching a weekly class at my local Y, the class I’d looked forward to attending this evening was cancelled. Of course I understand that instructors have things come up, but I’m always disappointed when they do and hate to miss a day doing something I’ve loved since I was a child and have incorporated into my adult life. So, since I have dance on the brain, I figured I’d blog about it.

Surrounding myself with images of dance is inspirational and actually motivated me to pursue a lifelong dream of teaching it. Growing up, we were too poor for me to be able to take classes, but that didn’t stop me from dancing every chance I got. I used to choreograph dances for the kids in my neighborhood and we’d have talent shows and invite anyone who’d come. I was a huge fan of Fame and Flashdance and feel like I actually channeled Jennifer Beal as I’d dance my heart out in my kitchen, especially to Michael Sembello’s epic “Maniac”. Like Beal’s character, Alex Owens, even without formal training, I could just dance. I don’t say that in a boastful way, I just feel the music in every fiber of my being. The lyrics from “What a Feeling” resonate:

Well, I hear the music

Close my eyes, feel the rhythm

Wrap around 

Take a hold of my heart

And much to the surprise of a Zumba sister, who startled me when she approached me last week, I do dance with my eyes closed! As an adult, I’ve taken ballet, tap and jazz. Then I took my first Zumba class and was hooked! When I’m dancing, the world disappears and it’s just me and my Maker – no matter the type of music. Like David (2 Samuel 6:14), I dance before the Lord.

But it’s not just dancing itself that brings me joy; it’s dance itself. I love the images associated with it. This is just a sampling of dance inspired decor displayed in my home.

Charcoal sketch I recently purchased for under $10 at TJMaxx. I first saw a similar one in a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic book.      It hangs in my living room & draws the eye up to the cathedral ceiling.
Photograph of a ballerina that sits on the floor opposite above. I love the similarities in the poses and the juxtaposition of the artworks’ placement. When coming down the stairs, you can see this ballerina peeking out from between the end table and the Shabby Chic style chair.                        Her pose draws the eye down. 
If you look closely, this oil canvas says, “Vivir con Passion”, Spanish for “Live with Passion”. This beauty used to occupy my cubicle a few jobs back but now inspires me every time I sit at the kitchen table. The plate rack I inherited when I married my hubby is one of the few decorative pieces I kept and it houses my collection of Simply Shabby Chic plates. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who believes in decorating with the things you do, I encourage you to fill your home and office with images or objects that reflect your passions. Be it animals (i.e. photos of pets in pet-themed frames), bicycling (I’ve seen an antique bike hung on the wall), gardening (tools set out on surfaces), flowers (real or artificial bring life to every room), a hobby (decorate with sewing or crafting paraphernalia), and sports (my hubby has golf trophies and newspaper clippings from tournaments on display, including a pink golf ball I added). Love to travel? Blow up pictures to re-live the experience. You get the idea…Use what you love as decor and you’ll be inspired to do more of it!

Can’t wait for Zumba tomorrow. : )

~Pink  Collar Coach