Two Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Heads Are Better Than One

Two Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Heads Are Better Than One

It’s Day 220 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and the last two days have reminded me how two Pink Collar Savvy & Chic heads are better than one. Yesterday was one of my soul sister’s birthday, so we planned a Girls Day Out. In order to play all afternoon Monday, I worked the day before and all morning and was then free to do lunch, some light Christmas shopping, our gift exchange and a chick flick with her. (Then, after Zumba I fell into bed too exhausted to blog!). Food, fun and fellowship make every get together special. Meals last for hours because we never run out of things to talk about. We laugh so hard that strangers comment on what a good time we’re having. And our fellowship is sweet; we’re more than friends or even BFFs. Our faith has knit our hearts together and made us family. As such, we’re able to be transparent and talk about the tough stuff too. Whenever either of us faces a challenge, the other is there to listen actively without judgement, to encourage, to offer insight, and to pray. Two heads are so much better than one in that way.

Me, Pink Collar Coach and my Soul Sister, Kibby. She’s truly beautiful – from the inside out.

A couple of other Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Soul Sisters reiterated this tonight in a very visible way. During class two of my Zumba mentors led a handful of songs in a double-headed elf/Santa sweater. I guess you could say they were knit together too! It was AWESOME! This dancing duo attended Zumba certification training together a few years ago and have been leading class as a pair ever since. But never dressed in one piece of clothing! Naturally, at the beginning, there were a few missteps, but by the last song, they’d found their rhythm and were dancing in sync. Knowing how close they are outside of class, this isn’t a surprise. Though they don’t usually dance as one, they do in tandem. They’re a great tag  teaching team. I suspect they’ve had each other’s back during challenging times off the dance floor too…Again, two Pink Collar Savvy & Chic heads are better than one. Literally.

Not only are these ladies a dynamic dancing duo by night,                                                                         they’re a teacher and rocket scientist by night.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who lives in a household full of men and who is currently working from home, I love the time I have with other adult females. And there’s something even more special about it during the holidays. It’s like the line in a song from The Polar Express says,

It’s so much fun when Christmas comes to town

Christmas came to town for me yesterday in the form of celebrating my sweet Soul Sister’s bday beneath our tree. And tonight it came again in the form of a fabulously funny dancing elf/Santa. Thankful as I am for these good times, I’m even more so when the hard ones hit because I’ve experienced how two Pink Collar Savvy & Chic heads truly are better than one.

How about you? Do you have a Soul Sister you can turn to in those times when two heads would be better than one? In your personal life? Your professional world? How can you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose about establishing or engaging in such a relationship?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach