Pink Collar Coach’s Positivity Post – August 20, 2019

Pink Collar Coach’s Positivity Post – August 20, 2019

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Swans,

This morning as I pray about many of the Ds –– challenges women face ––– in the form of debt, death, depression, diagnosis, divorce, domestic disputes, domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, dysfunctional relationships, etc., I’m reminded of a truth from a children’s book –– It could always be worse. That’s not meant to minimize the emotions, pain and suffering these Ds bring, but to bring perspective. No matter how devastating our Ds, if we look for His hand in the situation, we’ll find God’s provision, comfort, care, guidance, deliverance, peace, healing and love for us and will be able to see how we’re blessed in the midst of our mess. And that it could always be worse.

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That’s my prayer for you today. That you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and view your situation from this positive lens. When you do so, even if you’re unable to change or minimize the barrier itself, you’re mindset will be transformed and enable you to minimize the negative impact it has on you so you can maximize beauty and your best life. All to His glory.

Be Savvy & Chic ,

~Pink Collar Coach


Grateful, Thankful and Blessed In My Blended Family Mess

Grateful, Thankful and Blessed In My Blended Family Mess

Day 191 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was early Thanksgiving at my home and it has me feeling grateful, thankful and blessed in my blended family mess. The messy part is that divorces have created a situation where my stepsons will be out of town with their mother for the holiday and my children are with their father. In order for us to be able to celebrate with the former, our Thanksgiving gathering was today. And while I wish my babies could have been with us, I was in my element preparing to host.  Setting out my pumpkins stirred up feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. Soon I realized how blessed I am in the midst of my mess.

My Thanksgiving decor is comprised of lots of white and bling. These pumpkins say it all for me. Table set with Simply Shabby Chic tablecloth, glass cloche with flowers, pitcher filled with my favorite – roses, and other Shabby Chic touches.

After shopping, cleaning/decorating, and then cooking, I paused right before everyone arrived to take a picture of the dining room table where appetizers were set up buffet style. Getting one afterward is impossible because they fall on the food like they’re starved! Looking around my home and at the abundance of food – a feast really – prepared for my family, I started to miss my children but again shifted my focus to having an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness for what I do have instead of what I don’t.

The day was overcast without much natural light so this picture could considered gloomy.     With a grateful, thankful, blessed attitude, I see even cast in shadows it is lovely. 



Consummate athletes, my hubby and stepsons are not enamored with my Shabby Chic decorating style. Because I moved into their home and needed to make it feel like my own we’ve had our challenges with this over the years  (I’d come from having 100% decorating freedom to living in what amounted to a Sports Central Lodge). Thankfully, now that they’re older with two of them having their own places and one of them living here only half the time, it seems how I decorate means less and less to them. While I stick with my aesthetic, creating an atmosphere that makes them want to come home means a great deal to me. Making their childhood home inviting, warm and welcoming is my goal. Judging by the wonderful time we had eating, watching football (the Bengals/Bungles win was a pleasant surprise), playing Golfopoly (Monopoly for those who’d rather be golfing), and NOT looking at phones I’m proud to say, it seems mission accomplished.

Me, Pink Collar Coach and stepmom to three huge sons, mom-in-law to my oldest stepson’s wife and Mimi (a derivative of Tammi) for a precious, precocious four-year-old.                                         As usual, Hubby would rather take the pics than be in them.                                                                 Calvin Klein rust colored sweater and pants. I tossed the matching duster while cooking!
The dining room tonight. Different lighting, same loveliness.                                                                 The pink Happy Harvest sign was Home Goods $4 clearance steal!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Cygnet who saw her ex-mother-in-law for the first time in a decade at the grocery store this morning and her wasband waiting as she checked out, while I sometimes wish for my children’s sake that their family was intact, I’m very grateful to have been grafted into a family where I’m accepted and loved for who I am. Even though in many ways my hubby and the boys and I couldn’t be more polar opposite. Even though we don’t always understand each other. The difference is  I’m no longer abused or mistreated. Of course my big fat blended family isn’t perfect. None is. But when we have days like today, I feel nothing but grateful, thankful and blessed. That’s when I don’t see us as a mess. I just see us as mine.

How about you? What “messes” do you have in your life for which you are grateful and thankful? How do they bless you?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach