Mail, Meow Mix and Maximizing Delivery Duty to Make the Mundane Meaningful

Mail, Meow Mix and Maximizing Delivery Duty to Make the Mundane Meaningful

It’s Day 161 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and though I’ve been sicker than a dog, after giving Zumba a miss and sleeping for four hours, I wanted to write about how my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic cat loving mail lady not only drops off mail but Meow Mix to maximize her delivery duty. A few months ago, I posted on Facebook when my husband told me she specially delivers cat treats to our cat Skylar daily and got a great response. As much as that was fun, there is a real lesson to be learned from how this female mail carrier maximizes what some may consider a mundane duty to make it meaningful.

Skylar, who I intended to be an indoor cat quickly let me know she had other ideas. At about five pounds, she’s petite but rules the neighborhood like a lion does the jungle. Still, her size causes neighbors to want to feed her and I’ve had to discourage many from doing so or she won’t ever come home! Mail Lady Sheila is the exception. Since I’ve been working from home, I made a point of introducing myself and learned she adores felines and feeds them all along her route. Getting out of the truck and loving on them is part of the special delivery service. And so her furry friends don’t have to do without when she’s off, the treats are stashed in the truck with instructions for the other mail carriers to carry out distribution activities in her absence.

This weekend, I heard the mail truck pull up and smiled to myself. A few minutes later, I was surprised to hear a knock and figured a package was being dropped off. When the knock persisted, because I wasn’t feeling well, it took me a bit to get to the door, so I had to wave Sheila down before she pulled away. Apparently, she’d taken the time it took me to answer to tear the lid off of her special delivery and to write an accompanying note. I was right about a package being dropped off alright, but as you can see below, the people in the house weren’t its recipients.

Mail Lady Sheila went above & beyond to ensure her meaningful ministry carries on.

When I told my neighbor Jen about this, she informed me she’s talked with Sheila too and is aware of her love for animals. Jen’s dog has been the recipient of treats as well! I don’t know if Sheila loves delivering mail, but whether she does or not, she’s found a way to incorporate a passion into her job. So often you hear jokes about mail men hating the animals on their routes, but for Sheila, they’re likely the best part of her day. Delivering mail is her job. Delivering love to animals is her true service. Her ministry. It makes the mundane duty meaningful.

Sheila reminds me of the lyrics from Steven Curtis Chapman’s song Every Little Thing You Do:

While I may not know you,

I bet I know you 

Wonder sometimes, does it matter at all?

Well let me remind you, it all matters just as long

As yo do everything thing you do to the glory of the One 

who made you,

Because He made you, 

To do 

Every little thing that you do 

To bring a smile to His face

Tell the story of grace

With every move that you make

And every little thing you do.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Chick I believe we can serve our purpose and others, including animals, by not just going to work, or working at home, but by being intentional about maximizing opportunities to show grace to those around us when we’re there. I’m certain God is pleased with Sheila and smiles as much as I do when she does her special delivery duty. As pleased as that makes me, it’s not nearly as much as it pleases  Skylar who knows that the Mail Lady Sheila’s truck not only contains mail but Meow Mix!

What little thing can you do to bring a smile to the face of someone in your workplace or at home? God will smile too.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

Pink Collar Coach Doing Nothing But Networking

Pink Collar Coach Doing Nothing But Networking

Day 143 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project had me doing nothing but networking from sunup ’til sundown. My day started with my local H7 Connect meeting where I got some amazing feedback on my business model from marketing and branding experts. During the variation on our 30 second commercial where we were to give our name, business, and a problem we can solve, I pitched my new focus: “I’m the Pink Collar Coach, Tammi Ector, founder of Pink Collar Savvy & Chic. I’m a life coach for professional women. I coach them to minimize their personal barriers to maximize their beauty and best professional life.” I also added that I specialize in the Ds (i.e. divorce, depression, dysfunctional relationships, disheveled appearance, disorganized space, etc.). Afterwards, it was so rewarding to have people tell me not only how unique the model is but that it’s inspirational! I kinda nailed it. ; ).

H7 Connect with Natalie Reeder, who facilitated this morning’s meeting.

In addition to the great feedback, I also connected to individuals who either know someone who needs my services or who wanted to provide referrals about my business. Before I knew it, it was time to head to my second networking event with eWomen. It was my first time attending and I had a nostalgic moment when I arrived at the Oasis in Loveland and our meeting was in the same room where I presented there for the first time back in 2011. We had a a wonderful meeting as well and I met truly amazing, successful, resilient women. We offered one another support, resources and referrals, and I’m looking forward to attending again next week.

Pink Collar Coach outside Oasis Conference Center following eWomen with the sun in my eyes! Calvin Klein print bell sleeve blouse, suede skirt & pumps. Purple bag makes print’s purple pop.  

On my way home, I stopped at Life Way, the Christian book store, and got the contact information for the manager so I can get my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, placed there and hopefully do a book signing. I also picked up a new novel from the publisher of my book, and as much I’d love to read it for pleasure only, it’s part homework because yesterday, I was informed that I have to do some revisions on the book, specifically around the graphic domestic violence scenes, so they appeal more to readers…Whether pleasure reading or for work, it wasn’t to be, however, because although the day’s networking was technically done, I had a ton of prep to do for tomorrow’s.

Tomorrow, my long awaited Zumba certification training will have me dancing from 8am until 5pm. Then, I go straight from there to a writing conference where I’m presenting on “Setting S.M.A.R.T. Writing Goals” and singing Francesca Batistelli’s “Write Your Story” to close the evening. Writing the content was only part of what I needed to do – preparing to network – getting my business cards, music CD and mailing list together was just as important.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who doesn’t always feel comfortable with networking, I am comfortable building relationships. And that’s what I felt like I did today. Yes, I want to promote my business, but more than anything, I want to meet the needs of women who need my services. If I can help a woman to prevent her personal life struggles from derailing (another D) her career, like the woman who shared with me about how having a child with disabilities has impacted her employment, or the one who’s been through a divorce, death of her parents, and several medical diagnoses (more Ds!), then I’m humbled and honored that the Lord gives me a day doing nothing but networking. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m doing a whole lot more…

What about you? How can you use networking to live your purpose and meet the needs of those you encounter?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



Author Interview: Janet Kassalen, Author of Children’s Stories With A Grown Up Message – Part 2

Author Interview: Janet Kassalen, Author of Children’s Stories With A Grown Up Message – Part 2

Day 142 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has been busy in the best way. I took care of some personal business that keeps me in a position to keep pursuing my business and received some wonderful feedback on the CD to accompany my book as well as on my professional growth from someone who was kind enough to share it. In addition to that, I got have lunch and with and plan my next workshop with Jenn-Quinn Wilson, the Wonderpreneur. It is tentatively set for all day Saturday, November 4th. Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and Wonder Diva will bring you: The Making Of A Pink Collar Diva: You! More on this head to toe image day soon!

Pink Collar Coach & The Wonderpreneur. Showing off her marketing following our lunch mtg. As a plus size model, she’s gorgeous in her cold shoulder dress and I’m in my Calvin Klein casual olive green jeggins, light green top and plaid shirt with comfy flats. 

And here’s the inspiring conclusion of my interview with Janet Kassalen, author of Flip Flap Try: A Cardinal’s Journey. Her children’s book has messages for any of us who has ever struggled to find our career fit or place in this world.

Rainier had to ask for help from others along his journey. Why do you think women are so afraid to admit when they need helps in their careers? How have other played a part in your journey?

You’re not expected to do everything yourself. It’s OK to ask for others’ input and help. Some ladies out there have done amazing things and written words of wisdom we can learn from. It’s important to encourage each other along the way to reaching our goals. I’m glad I went through the process of publishing. Asking for help was a good decision. Everyone was working with and pulling for me. Kay Fittes told me, “If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. You have to oversee it.” And my author’s assistant let me make decisions, and it helped me grow. I couldn’t just sit back and let others make the decisions. My husband has also helped me. He says the conversation is never over or ended. If you’ve had problems or misunderstandings, there’s always a chance to straighten things out and move forward.

Rainer finds a job that he enjoys. It is meaningful to him and helps him to serve his purpose. How is becoming an author enabling you to serve yours?

I wanted to encourage people and give them hope in finding their dream job or mission. To let them know there’s always a new day to start over and try again. Just go from there.

The tagline on your beautiful website is: Children’s Stories With A Grown Up Message. What inspired you to use your children’s writing to inspire adults?

At first, it was intended more to help young adults struggling with their careers. My book coach thought it would work better as a children’s story. Adults can still learn from it. Reading didn’t come easy for me, but I could understant a children’s book. It was easier to understand, colorful and full of pictures but just as meaningful. And it doesn’t take half a year to read it!

A few years ago, I worked with you to redesign your office, which you call your “Communication Center”. How has having a work space that is beautiful, comfortable, and functional impacted your writing?

I’ve watched your personal and professional transformation. You’ve gone from “timid duckling” to savvy and chic swan. What encouragement do you have for women struggling to find themselves and their place in this world?

Never give up your hope. It’s OK to ask for help. Take vacations. On vacation I had the experience that started the cardinal story.  I also have a CD player with lots of CDs that I call my “To Do” list. It helps to put in the CDs and review to make sure I’m not missing something. Sometimes, I’m not ready to complete a task – if it’s not the right time. Other times, something just appears and it’s what you were looking for. It’s good to get the whole picture of what’s going on to set your priorities. Keep believing in yourself because everyone has the ability to help someone else.

A few years ago, I worked with Janet & her husband to redesign their shared office. They call the Communication Center. Handy hubby built the sunflower coatrack to go with the room’s theme.










Beauty from Broken Things – Even When Damaged, We Can Still Serve Our Purpose

Beauty from Broken Things – Even When Damaged, We Can Still Serve Our Purpose

On Day 142 I didn’t set out to do I a DIY restoration project, but I’m so glad that’s how it turned out because not only did I now get to use an item I thought could no longer work in my house, the project reminded me of two important lessons that can be applied on the home front and in the workplace: 1) Beauty can still be found in broken things, and 2) Even when we’re damaged, we can still serve our purpose.

  1. Beauty can still be found in broken things.

As much as I purport to love all things Shabby Chic and am usually alright with imperfections, my OCD about symmetry had me headed to return a damaged piece of faux architectural salvage. I thought it was wood but found out the hard way that it was resin. I’d purchased it a while back and had planned to spray paint it white, however, somehow, when I took it to the store to select the right paint color the day after purchasing, a large section broke while it was in my shopping cart.  By the time I realized it, though I literally retraced  all of my steps and searched high and low, the broken chunk seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Attempts to have the janitorial crew notify me if it turned up proved futile, and I was close to tears because it was the only one at the store.

Eventually, I found something else (featured on the blog) and resolved to return the original piece since it must have been damaged to have broken so easily. Due to time constraints, I never made it back to Old Time Pottery for my refund and wasn’t in a rush to go back. The thing is, I love the piece and wasn’t at peace letting it go. Then, this morning, inspiration struck and I was thrilled that I’d held on to the broken “salvage”. After about an hour’s work, I’d lovingly mended the piece and restored its beauty.

Broken, mended and still beautiful.


With a broken “wing”, this piece still wanted to fly.
A new “wing” traced onto paper and then two pieces of corrugated cardboard.      
I stapled the two “wings” together.
Next, I hot glued the two “wings” and inserted them right at the break point, where they fit perfectly.
Spray painted. (Had to flip picture from phone, hence repaired “wing” on opposite side.
Brown Sharpie used to distress.
Crayola brown pencil used to distress.

2. Even when damaged, we can still serve our purpose. 


The damaged piece now hangs above the door in our powder room. It’s not perfect, but I still love it. I’m proud of my creativity, resourcefulness and ability to see past the damage to be able to understand that the piece can still serve it’s original purpose. Perhaps it’s not serving where I’d originally intended – between the dining room and living room – but I found an alternate location that actually works better. The “salvage” now picks up the taupe-y browns in the powder room’s artwork and complements the scrolls on the light fixture. The really cool thing is, it has taken on more meaning because of its story.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who’s been broken herself, I’m so glad that God looks at me and still sees beauty. Despite all the damage – a dysfunctional childhood, divorce, domestic relations custody challenges, destitution, discrimination, all the “Ds”, I’m so thankful that He gives me chance after chance and provides countless opportunities to still serve my purpose (evolving): coaching, encouraging, and inspiring other women to minimize their personal Pink Collar barriers and to maximize their beauty and best Savvy & Chic professional lives. All to His glory. Not only that, He uses the damage to give me a story. I believe with all my heart that I mean even more to Him because of it. I know He sure means more to me.

What about you? Have you been broken by the personal barriers that try to render us “returnable”? Do you know that you’re still beautiful? And that, if you let Him, though damaged, God can still use your to serve your purpose?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach






Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Selfie and Self-Reflection

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Selfie and Self-Reflection

It’s Day 120 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I’m writing a brief post so I can return to self-reflecting. I’ve been blogging consecutively for four months now, and I’m still trying to figure out my voice and blogging style. I’m also researching how to post on the most appropriate sites to engage readers who are interested in the content I share.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who doesn’t take selfies and has never posted one, I’m posting this one because it captures the joy I felt immediately following this week’s image consultation. That joy comes from living out my purpose which is to maximize my unique God-given strengths to coach, encourage and inspire women – whether on the home front or in the workplace – to live their best personal and professional lives.

That being the case, I must confess that as a new blogger, sometimes I get discouraged when I feel my posts fall short. Then, out of the blue, someone will comment that I’m a good writer, or they’re reading the blog and it’s a daily treat, or that they enjoy my posts. Today, just when I needed it, I got a request for image coaching as a result of a post I shared and it reinforced that she’s the girl who needs to show up. On purpose. Even when I wonder if my blog will ever really take off. When I’ve touched a woman enough through blogging that she’d like to schedule time with me, well, I like that blogger to keep at it. And enough to post a selfie.

What about you? What are you self-reflecting on right now? Who do you want to show up as at home or work?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



Pink Collar Canine for Christ

Pink Collar Canine for Christ

Day 113 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project provided the opportunity for me to finally see Juneau, a therapy dog, at work. Her human, Roger, is my friend Kibby’s significant other. Juneau is a 110′ Alaskan Malamute. Roger has had her since she was one and had her train with a greater Cincinnati agency, Canines for Christ, that shows Christ’s love through visiting assisting living, nursing homes, schools, and other facilities.  I was around when Juneau was in training but had never gotten to see her in action.

Today, Juneau represented Canines for Christ at an event for veterans. And although the vets raved about how beautiful and big she is, Juneau really did her job with a ten-year-old boy, Bradley, who has autism. His mother was distraught that he was having a bad day and wouldn’t get out of the car. Juneau to the rescue! When Roger took her over, she coaxed him out with her sheer sweetness. Normally, she isn’t supposed to be petted while on duty, and she is obedient when in that role. But today she was there specifically to let vets, and in this case a child, love on her and she definitely earned her keep!  I don’t think it was a stretch for her because if you look up “gentle giant”, you could find a picture of this pretty Pink Collar Canine.

Juneau relaxing after she enjoyed two hot dogs as a reward for her afternoon at work.
Though not visible, Juneau’s collar is actually a faded red – almost pink. Her tag is a pink heart. 
Juneau and Roger. This picture could be entitled “Man’s Best Friend”. I think Kibby will frame it.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, seeing Juneau at work did my heart good. By just spending a few minutes with Bradley, doing what she was created to do, she changed his day. And his moms’. Juneau is living her purpose with beauty, grace, and a servant’s heart. Yes, even a dog can serve, bless  people, and show Christ’s love to other’s here on earth. Juneau does it so well she could be the poster dog for Canine’s for Christ. It may sound silly, but she’s Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose in my book.

I plan to tear a page from Juneau’s book. How can you, whether working on the home front or in the workplace? Perhaps this message from our Zumba class this morning will inspire you.

Pink Collar Coach and my Soul Sister, Kibby after our Saturday Zumba class. My athletic wear is Calvin Klein with my go-to New Balance gym shoes. Beauty (yes, beauty), comfort, and function. 

Be savvy & chic on purpose,

~Pink  Collar Coach