Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Coaching Services Cost Sheet

Coaching Cost Factors – Pink Collar Coach’s Education, Experience and Reputation

Known as the Pink Collar Coach, Tammi Ector, MLC, is the founder of Pink Collar Savvy & Chic ®, a comprehensive coaching agency that provides holistic, strengths-based coaching. Tammi facilitates The Swan Experience: Minimizing barriers; Maximizing women’s beauty and best personal and professional lives through total transformation. Tammi specializes in the Ds – the Pink Collar personal challenges (divorce, domestic court issues, depression, dysfunctional relationships, etc.) that negatively impact women’s personal and professional performance. In doing so, she prevents derailing and promotes women being the best savvy & chic version of themselves – on the home front and in the workplace. Tammi holds a Master’s in Leadership and Coaching, an executive coaching certificate, and has served as the director of a life coaching program leading over fifty life coaches. She has a demonstrated record of effectively coaching leaders and clients at all levels to attain their personal and professional goals in corporate, for profit, non-profit, and small business settings.

“Having faced most of the Pink Collar challenges, I hit rock bottom. Then I minimized those barriers and maximized rock bottom to make it the firm foundation upon which I built not only the rest of my life, but the best of my life. My mission is to coach, encourage and inspire you to do the same. Because you’ve always been a Swan.”  ~Pink Collar Coach

Coaching Fee

Fixed hourly rate is $80 per coaching session. A sliding scale may be applied where appropriate.

Coaching Services

Life Coaching – Sessions will focus on one of the 5 Life Domains with some holistic crossover.

  1. Emotional – Developing positive attitude and habits, dealing with stress, mindfulness
  2. Financial – Budget, debt, planning
  3. *Physical – Image (body); packaging (wardrobe, hair, makeup); lifestyle changes
  4. Relationships – Boundaries, communication
  5. Spiritual – Faith, peace, purpose, joy

Career Coaching – May be requested by individual, employer, company, supervisor, or as PD.

  1. Advancement – Track, mentorship, positioning, interviewing
  2. Path – Additional education, certifications, volunteering
  3. Purpose – Finding fulfillment and meaning in work
  4. Obstacles – Derailing, discrimination, hostile work environment, workplace bullying, retaliation, sabotage, termination, internal barriers
  5. Strengths – Finding strengths and applying, personality assessment
  6. Transition – Seeking or starting new career or position
  7. Executive – Entrepreneurs and leaders seeking professional development, facing barriers; assessments and feedback (Group coaching/PD available depending on project scope)

Coaching Consistency – Coaching can occur once or be an ongoing professional relationship.

  1. Single SessionsIndividual sessions offered for clients seeking short-term guidance or help with goal-setting.
  2. Ongoing Sessions – If coaching relationship is ongoing or evolves to be such, clients may pay on a session-by-session basis.
  3. Coaching Packages Package deals are offered for ongoing clients who want to maximize the holistic approach and work together over a period of time to explore all, or a selection of the life domains. The more sessions and interaction provided in the package, the higher the cost—although the more savings per session.

Tiered Pricing for Coaching Packages:

One-month Coaching Packages

  • Three 60-minute sessions with limited contact between sessions: $210; $15 savings
  • Four 60-minute sessions with limited contact between sessions: $280; $20 savings
  • Four 60 to 90-minute sessions with unlimited contact between sessions: $450; $30 savings

Four-month Coaching Packages

  • One session a month for four months: $280-$40 savings over purchasing individual sessions at $80
  • One session every other week for four months: $590-$50 savings over individual sessions at $80
  • One session every week for six months: $900-$60 savings over individual sessions at $80

Meeting OptionsCoaching can take place at one of the following or a combination:

  1. Pink Collar Coach’s Pink Collar Savvy & Chic office
  2. Client’s home or office (additional fee info below)
  3. Via Skype or Zoom
  4. Telephone (recommended as last option only)

Travel – An additional fee is charged for travel to the client’s home or office to cover additional time and transportation expenses and is determined based on project logistics.

*Please request cost sheet for Image Coaching if interested. Thank you! or