Playing Around With Poses on President’s Day (True Confessions of A Beginning Blogger)

Playing Around With Poses on President’s Day (True Confessions of A Beginning Blogger)

It’s Day 258 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and my Soul Sister Kibby and I spent some time playing around with poses on President’s Day. Taking advantage of the opportunity to have a day off from working, we planned a needed Girls’ Day to have lunch, watch romantic comedies, and then go to Zumba. Right before we changed for the latter, I wanted to take a pic for tonight’s post and expressed that I needed to change up the way I stand in photos. Kibby styled this one, and other than a bit of belly bulge, I’m pleased with it. Besides, I’m committed to avoiding what I’ve come to think of as the “meme mentality” or basically posting pictures that scream perfection in every aspect of life. So rather than asking for a redo, I’m being transparent and let the bulge (as well  the toys on the floor) be. The resulting shot feels authentic and makes me glad that I spent part of President’s Day playing around with poses.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, trying a new pose in a gray duster, blush top, gray jeggings, & taupe flats.   The floral handbag ties all the colors together and hints at spring.                                                         All Calvin Klein purchased over a number of years from TJ Maxx. 

Not only did the pose show a different side of me, it showcased some pretty Simply Shabby Chic decor, like the fretwork frames holding favorite pictures of my babies at ages two and three and the photo album. The wicker mirror with a shallow basket attached is one of my earliest flea market finds and the wicker basket underneath a table I lugged home by myself from Service Merchandise back in the day is one of two I got from Babies R Us for  my fourteen-year old’s nursery. Though I didn’t plan it, it seems florals was is a theme of the picture, as seen in the handbag, Simply Shabby Chic waste basket, the “Be Kind” wooden sign, the winter hydrangeas, and the Valentine’s Day roses displayed in a large Goodwill Ball mason jar.

Kibby looks lovely and carries on the floral theme, enhanced with tassels – on her belt, boots, and the earrings she made.

Then, there’s Kibby’s pose. She’s so natural – I want to channel that! I have a lot to learn from her and look forward to having her style me into some fresh poses during our weekend excursions.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose newbie blogger, I must confess that putting myself out here is humbling. My body, hair and face aren’t picture perfect. Neither are my settings. If I focus on all of my “barriers”, the devil (the worst D, or challenge of them all), will have me convinced that I’m not enough and don’t have enough to be doing this. But if I can stay focused on my blessings, my Deliverer (the best D ever!) will keep me convinced that I’m limitless and can do whatever He has planned for me – including more playing around with poses!

How can you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and play around with new ways of doing things in your personal or professional life, even if it means being transparent and letting your “barriers” show?

Be savvy & chic,

~ Pink Collar Coach

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Girl’s Room – Part 2

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Girl’s Room – Part 2

It’s Day 199 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and while I would have loved to spend the early part of the day making it look a lot more like Christmas in my teen girl’s room, the bulk of the day was spent trying to catch up on all the professional tasks that went by the wayside while I was sick. Working on a giveaway for those who sign up for my mailing list (I hope you will!) and on my book launch homework were among the things I accomplished. By the time I was able to turn my attention to more decorating in my daughter’s room, the sun had begun to fade. This turned out to be a positive as it tested my newbie photography skills. Using my iPhone, I tried some new things and am must confess I’m pleasantly surprised with the nostalgic look of the photos, which lend themselves to my Shabby Chic, vintage style. With the addition of a Shabby Chic inspired wreath fashioned from pastel ornaments and a small white table tree with a Simply Shabby Chic skirt, the room looks a lot like a girl’s room from a Christmas of yesteryear.

A quintessentially Shabby Chic girl’s room with bohemian flair. The bedding, curtains, lamps, tree skirt and wall decor are from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic line. Most of the items are no longer available, except on eBay, so I’m glad I purchased them when I did. I found the chair at an antique store, painted it, and added a Simply Shabby Chic cushion.                                                         The tree will get a few ornaments next.

Speaking of nostalgia and yesteryear, anyone who reads my posts knows I’m divorced from my children’s father. For many of us in this situation, the holidays can be hard. Even in the age of starter marriages, prenuptial agreements and blended families, most of us didn’t set out to have children with someone we loved only to have them with us only part of the time. That means there was a Christmas years ago when the future seemed bright for our family together, but it wasn’t to be. Now I’d love to have my daughter go to sleep in this lovely room every night and wake up here every morning.  That said, I believe God allows us to go through things for a reason. Mine is so I can encourage and inspire other women facing this challenge or other personal ones, to try to minimize the negative aspects of the situation and to maximize the positives. For me that means decorating the room with all the love I have for her so that my daughter will feel this is home when she is here. Also, Izzy, my stepson’s daughter, loves it in here and plays with the toys visible in the Simply Shabby Chic laundry basket turned toy box.

This photo looks like an old one from a time gone by. So sweet and sentimental.
The Simply Shabby Chic chandelier lends a soft glow to the wreath. Though natural light is best for photos, there’s something ethereal about this one that spoke to me. My daughter’s American Girl doll, seated in a corner of the daybed, was a Christmas present when she was ten.  

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Christmas decorating enthusiast, I love making every space in my home, even those that are not always occupied, beautiful for the holidays. Because even though it sometimes feels as if we’re premature semi-empty nesters sometimes, my husband and I are always here. You see, I’m a nest featherer who was created to feather my families’ nest, whatever it looks like, whoever it holds. That includes my office and workspace. If you’re anything like me, rather than closing doors on empty rooms, I want to see them so I can remember and pray for the vacant occupant. And who’d rather look at an undecorated, uninviting room or workspace when you can make it look a lot like Christmas, for a girl, a boy, a co-worker, or just yourself?

Maybe you’re dealing with a D – a challenge. You’re divorced, separated, single, never married, widowed, etc. Perhaps you’re an empty nester. Or you work for Ebenezer Scrooge. How can you still be Savvy & Chic on Purpose with your space to make it look a lot like Christmas?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Boy’s Room

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Boy’s Room

It’s Day 196 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I’m excited to kick off an “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas” series, starting with a boy’s room, namely my son’s. After not using Santas in my Christmas decorating for years, it’s so much fun to deck the halls (and every room) with them now. And while I used to almost dread the profusion of red and green that clashed with my soft interiors every Christmas, I can truly say it’s now the most wonderful decorating time of the year!

So why was Santa excluded from my holiday celebration? For nearly a decade I attended churches that frowned on Santa because they felt Xmas was literally taking the Christ out of the holiday. Somewhere along the way I became a Christ follower as opposed to being religious. There is so much freedom in that! And I also learned that the birth of Christ and Christmas can coexist. In fact, I believe kind Saint Nick would have been the first to bow down and worship baby Jesus – The Reason for the Season. An ornament with Santa, hat in hand and on bended knee kneeling by the manger is one of my favorites. But I’m not blogging to try to convince or convert anyone to my way of thinking; just sharing my personal journey and how I came to peace with Santa sharing Jesus’ birthday in my home.

I’m a sucker for white Santas holding white bottle brush trees. Whenever possible, I have him positioned to proclaim the birth of Christ. The crown symbolizes Jesus as King of my heart.

And the red and green thing? Anyone who knows me they’ve never been my thing. So until the last decade or so, I stuck mostly with white, silver and gold decor. Then I began incorporating Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic pretty, pink and pastel take on Christmas into my interiors. Now I truly get into the decorating spirit! Again, the look is not for everyone, if you want to color outside the traditional red and green box (pun intended) and add some Savvy & Chic style to your Christmas decor, I’ve got a few tips.

The Christmas house on the right was my first. Though dark, it was the first I’d ever seen and I fell in love, especially with the bottle brush trees. Like the burgundy house, the one on the left and the village in the middle all have touches of red. This makes them ideal for my son’s room. The burgundy tree in the background of the village ties in so well with the original house…
I didn’t have a tree for years. Now each room is graced with at least one, often many, in varying sizes. My son’s room gets decked out in green bottle brush trees that tie in with the ones on the Christmas houses. His room has blues, purples, and golds, so these are nice but still masculine.
Try as I might, I must confess as a new blogger and photographer, I couldn’t get the lighting right for this picture, even in natural daylight. It has me thinking maybe I want a camera for Christmas…Now I only use my iPhone. Still, you can see how all of the elements play well together. the whites, golds, and bottle brush trees are the common denominator. The lamp is an antique store find that I painted cream to match the shade. The Simply Shabby Chic green curtain with a subtle blue stripe has been in my son’s room since he was an infant.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Christmas decorating enthusiast, I hope this post has inspired you. If you want to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic with your decor, here’s what to look for:

Savvy Chic-ing Christmas 

  1. Santas in whites, creams and pastels. If carrying a bottle brush, this can be incorporated into the room’s overall scheme.
  2. Christmas houses with bottle brush trees. There are new ones out there or you can find vintage versions online at eBay, Etsy, or by doing a search.
  3. Bottle brush trees bedecked with ornaments. Here’s where I mix in the traditional colors with my Savvy & Chic palette to make the look cohesive.
  4. Shop TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshall’s, Target, Hobby Lobby and antique/flea market/secondhand/thrift stores.
  5. Use what you love and have fun!

Would love to see any pics if you decorate this way already or are trying something new.

Be savvy and chic,

~Pink Collar Coach




Winning and Learning

Winning and Learning

Day 125 of the aPink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has been a day where I have to confess that as a beginning blogger, I felt like yesterday’s blog post was a bit of a loser. Last night I poured my heart into a post that I thought would surely resonate with readers and added what I thought were great images to accompany it. To my surprise, other than three women who liked it on Facebook and some views on LinkedIn (Thank you all for that!), it seems to have fallen flat. The funny thing is, the night before I posted something I felt had less true substance, and it was well received. The latter felt like a win and the former, well, as I mentioned earlier, I could easily let it go down in the books as a lose. Instead, I’m going to try to learn from it.

From what I’ve read, truly nailing my target audience, posting great, relevant content, and coupling it with compelling images is the recipe for a winning blog post. Where I think I may have lost is in using images of my children’s rooms with dream catchers in them to illustrate the point, which was entitled: “Never Quit Your Daydream”. The miss may have been that the room’s decor was more prominent in the photos than the dream catchers. As a novice blogger, I was so enamored with the photo of my son’s room especially that I used it for the wrong post. Next time, I’ll either come up with a better topic or a better image, and I’ll definitely make sure they really complement one another and are a winning combination. “Losing” lesson learned.

Thankfully for me, though I was a little discouraged by how the post “performed”, I don’t want to be a slave to my stats and was able to enjoy other successes, like attending a Mentoring for Purpose meeting where I received incredible feedback on a workshop I presented a few weeks ago as well as a request for a follow up training. It was also rewarding to know my contributions truly added value to meeting and were appreciated. Then I had a phone conversation with a Life Coach I used to supervise and I was able to affirm her strengths and how she can maximize them for her next opportunity. She in turn reiterated what a powerful impact I’ve had on her and others in the space. This was a case of winning and learning! Finally, I got to provide some career coaching to a woman who is in transition and she came away from it better equipped with the tools she needed to make an informed decision regarding next steps. Another win-learn.


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, I’m so thankful that I have this blog. On good days, on not so much ones, and everything in-between. It helps me be intentional and mindful about every experience and often provides clarity of perspective or a mindset shift. After a few minutes of writing I can honestly now say that I’m good with winning or “losing” – especially if in the losing, there are lessons to be learned.

How about you? What “losses” have actually turned out to be learning experiences?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach