Tammi Ector, MLC

The Pink Collar Coach

Life and Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker

Founder/Owner of Pink Collar Savvy & Chic ®

Known as the Pink Collar Coach ®, I am a life coach, author, and speaker. I’m also a fitness instructor. I hold a Master’s in Leadership and Coaching, an Executive Coaching Certificate from Bellevue University, NE., and am currently pursuing a Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree with a Leadership Coaching concentration from Regent University, VA.  As a licensed Zumba instructor, I lead Faith & Fitness dance classes weekly.

I founded Pink Collar Savvy & Chic ®, my holistic coaching agency, to function as a “portfolio career” that maximizes all the areas where I am passionately gifted to serve women – Pink Collar Swans. Utilizing a strengths-based coaching approach, I serve as a powerful change agent and facilitate the Swan Experience: Transformational Life and Leadership Coaching that minimizes barriers and maximizes beauty & women’s best personal and professional lives. I bring unique value to coaching by dealing with the Ds, or Pink-Collar challenges (domestic violence, divorce, domestic court issues, depression, diagnoses, drugs and alcohol, dysfunctional relationships, etc.), that negatively impact women’s personal and professional performance.  I help prevent derailing and promote Pink Collar Swans being the best savvy & chic version of themselves.

Having transitioned from domestic violence mess to sustained success, I am purposeful about telling my own transformation story in order to encourage, inspire and support other women. As a survivor, my story contains hurt, but it is also full of healing, help and hope. After spending several years caught in a cycle of abuse, I hit rock bottom. “Then I maximized rock bottom and made it the firm foundation upon which I built not only the rest of my life, but the best of my life.”  I blog about life (Live Your Best Life), career (Smart at Work), image (Sense of Style) and interior decor (Serene at Home & In the Office), as well as the gender specific challenges Pink Collar Swans face on the home front and in the workplace (Self Care/Be Balanced) – all with faith as the foundation (Spiritual Side/Be Your Best You).

As an author, I craft contemporary “chick lit with a professional twist” short stories and women’s fiction. My first novel, Seasons of Her Soul released January 2018 and may be purchased in print or Kindle format at http://amzn.to/2CXE6Wj or http://amzn.to/2r7qtm9. Thank you!

Seasons of Her Soul - Final Cover 1-10-18

A sample of my debut CD, Seasons of Her Soul Select, contains a selection of inspirational songs and is also available for purchase.

To read my magazine column, Pink Collar Ink: Inspiration & Insight for Professional and Personal Life at www.inspiredwomenmagazine.com  please search Archives. Thank you!

If interested in life coaching, purchasing a CD, or scheduling a speaking engagement, please email me at pinkcollarcoach@outlook.com. Thank you!


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