Ugly Duckling to Regent Royal Swan

Ugly Duckling to Regent Royal Swan

First of all, my apologies for any formatting issues! While on my break from blogging, Word Press changed everything! Which is a perfect segue into my second Pink Collar Positivity Post in 2021…

Me, Pink Collar Coach, in Regent Royal blue

& a Shabby Chic crown brooch. 

            In my half decade of life, I’ve discovered many of its difficulties begin with the letter d. My research alone has generated a list of over 50 of them! Dating that ends in disaster, dysfunction and most things in between can be classified as ‘d words’. Not just because of how they’re spelled. But because they’re barriers. Based on more than my share of experience –– I could’ve been dubbed “The Queen of the ds”! – in conjunction with formal and informal education in “ds development”, I’m certain I could earn a terminal degree (the highest level) in the subject if it existed! Since it doesn’t, this week I began a Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree –– a good D (those are capitalized –– at least in my mind’s eye ––whereas bad ones are lowercase)! 

            Initially I vacillated between Liberty University and Regent. Then discovering the Leadership Coaching Concentration offered at Regent sealed the deal since it aligns with my Masters in Leadership and Coaching. And now that I’ve completed the first residency this week, I’m delighted to say my decision –– another good D – was affirmed. Regent’s doctoral program will further equip me with tools to use daily in my role as Women’s Center Director at Hope House Mission, a faith-based homeless shelter by day, as well as in my coaching business, Pink Collar Savvy & Chic by nightThe content covered makes me confident I’ll be able to put leadership theory learning and coaching into practice in both settings as I help women solve the problems they’re facing. Best of all, I’ll be better equipped to facilitate total transformation.

            Which brings me to one of the most impactful things I learned from the residency: If we want our followers to be transformed, we have to be transformed.For me, that means if I want my residents, staff, team, coachees, and readers to be transformed, I have to be transformed. 

            Praise God, I have been! 

            After earning an executive coaching certificate and starting my agency, I became known as the Pink Collar Coach and for providing life and leadership coaching to women in the workplace. Having overcome many of the personal and professional ds that threaten to derail them, I also share how I deal with these on this blog. Doing so allows me minimize my own barriers (ds), and to maximize beauty and my best life. All to His glory. It’s also led me to my purpose, which is to use my God-given strengths and talents to coach, encourage and inspire other women to do the same. How? Through total transformation, or what I refer to as “The Swan Experience”. 

            For a long time, though I became a Christian as a child, I was the ugly duckling. Literally. But it wasn’t my acne clearing up or getting my braces off as a teenager that changed how I saw myself. Like the ugly duckling looking into the pond and finally seeing itself for what it was created to be –– the most beautiful swan –– when I truly understood that my heavenly Father, the King of the World, designed me as His beloved daughter, my transformation began. Not from an ugly duckling, but from a swan who didn’t know she was a Swan to one who knows she was created one all along. One who is filled with the truly transforming power of Jesus Christ and His Spirit. That’s everything I need to live the life He’s destined me to live. My best personal and professional life. All to His glory. 

            So as a coach, a transformed change agent, and a Royal Regent doctoral student Swan, I’m thankful the first residency has taught me how I’ll continue to grow and transform more and more into my design and destiny -wonderful Ds! –  in order to facilitate the transformation of others.  

Question: Do you know you were designed as a Swan? As His beloved daughter? Are you living your best transformed life? 

Be Savvy & Chic,

Pink Collar Coach

2 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling to Regent Royal Swan

  1. You are an amazing woman! You have been through so much and yet you have such poise, warmth, and a loving attitude. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.


    1. Emilia, you are so kind! God has been good to me. Just this morning my devotional talked about how He uses the difficulties in our lives to make us a blessing to others. I’m so touched that you see that in me. Thank you for reading and commenting dear Swan! 💗


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