TJ Maxxing Life for JT’s New Little Life

TJ Maxxing Life for JT’s New Little Life

It’s Day 43 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and recently I experienced the joy of TJMaxxing life for a team member, JT’s, new little life. If you know me at all or have ever read this blog, the fact that TJ Maxx is one of my happy places is no secret. I’ve been a Maxxinista since long before the term came into use. The official meaning is “A person who shops at discount designer department store T.J.Maxx. One who finds unique and original designer items at discount prices. Some individuals are obsessed with the store and even know what days they have new merchandise arriving.” This describes me almost to a T –– one of my nicknames –– other than the word obsessed.  Although I do know my store’s new merchandise arrives on Wednesdays….Sorry. Not sorry! Seriously though, I have yet to find another store where one can find as much quality bang for so few bucks. Take for instance below: A normally pricey Boppy, four Carter’s long sleeve Onesies and coordinating socks,  a huge gift bag with tissue paper included for a fraction of what a small bag costs alone elsewhere! My team was tickled with what I chose on their behalf as the designated baby shower shopper. : )  Of course, this store makes scoring big simple! And being a good steward of resources! So thankful TJ Maxxing life enabled me to represent the team and bless JT’s new little life.

Quantity and Quality. 

Shopping is one of my superpowers. I can spot great finds from across the store and leap whole aisles in a single bound in order to snag them at bargain prices. When I’m doing it, I know I’m operating in my strengths zone because I lose all sense of time and can do it for hours on end without tiring. For me, it’s a creative outlet. As I peruse clothes, shoes, and handbags, I’m styling my wardrobe or that of a loved one or client in my mind so we can own our unique sense of style.  And when turned loose in the home department, I’m decorating personal and professional spaces to be beautiful, comfortable and functional –– the three tenets of Shabby Chic design –– no matter the decor style. Being able to shop for someone else feels like shopping on purpose because I’m helping them maximize beauty and their best lives. Doing this for JT  –– a  Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Swan  with a true servant’s heart who gives so freely of herself serving others ––  it’s a privilege to serve and give back to her. In that sense I’m maximizing beauty and my best life, too.

So thankful for this godly woman, wife, mother, daughter and member of our team. And for my favorite retailer that allowed me to  be a Pink Collar Savvy & Chicon Purpose Maxxinista who TJ Maxxed life in order to bless JT’s new little one.

What about you? Need a special something for someone at home or in the office? Why not be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and TJ’s Maxx their life and your own?

Be Savvy & Chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



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