Shabby Chic Shadow Box Frames

Shabby Chic Shadow Box Frames

It’s Day 30 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and feeling nostalgic because my baby girl turns Sweet 16 this weekend, I reframed her baby picture and ballet shoes using Shabby Chic shadow box frames. Shabby Chic style as made popular by Rachel Ashwell, the founder of the brand by that name, is also celebrating a birthday this year –– its 30th! And I’ve been enamored with the style for just as long. Sixteen years ago, however, the Simply Shabby Chic partnership with Target that offers her pieces at an affordable price point hadn’t been established. That came about in 2008. When my daughter was born in 2003 authentic Shabby Chic items were only available at Rachel Ashwell’s stores in select locations and weren’t accessible for me. That being the case, following in the founder of Shabby Chic’s shoes, I’d scour flea markets and antique malls for vintage pieces, like the the ornate oval gold frame I painted white and distressed to hold my daughter’s picture and a white shadow box with a carved bow detail to display her ballet shoes. They did so until recently when I scored big time at TJ Maxx and lovingly transferred both to these gorgeous Shabby Chic shadow box frames.

Though these are actually 3D photo frames, I inserted my daughter’s pic and love the result! Using the cardboard backing that came with the frame, I pinned the shoes to it and voila! 

It may sound strange, but Shabby Chic decor has provided a one of the most consistent threads through my adult life and helped minimize the Ds ––  barriers and challenges women face ––  in the forms of death, depression, diagnosis, domestic violence, divorce, domestic court, dysfunctional relationships, and the list could go on…It has provided beauty, comfort and function –– Rachel Ashwell’s three maxims – and so much inspiration. Not only in the way I decorate my home, but in the way I live in it. She opened her first shop  as a divorced, single mother of a girl and boy. Soon it reached such success it was called, “The shop heard round the world”. Personally and professionally, this Pink Collar Savvy & Chic mother, entrepreneur and creative leader has been a blessing as one of my greatest role models and contributors to me maximizing beauty and my best life.

I pray you will be inspired by this simple task of transferring beloved keepsakes to preserve the memories in an even more meaningful way. Perhaps you’ll even be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and reframe or organize pictures of your loved ones. By doing so, we honor them and their importance in our lives. You may also find any residual Ds fade from memory and only the beautiful, best images remain. Even if you don’t use Shabby Chic shadow box frames.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


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