Sunday Service and Serving

Sunday Service and Serving

It’s Day 22 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and my most recent D or challenge women face –– this time in the form of a disabled car –– allowed me to not only attend Sunday service yesterday but to be blessed by someone serving. From the time my car needed a jump after I taught Zumba class Thursday until last night when she called to get the final update that the car is back on the road and that I’m safe, my Swan Sister, Sonya has helped me to minimize this D. She’s a regular Zumba participant in my Sunday faith-based class, and although she had a meeting after church to plan for the children’s church camp where she and her hubby are serving as counselors and couldn’t attend, she wanted the dance class to go on. In addition to driving me around and partnering with her husband to try to get me the best deal on the parts and labor needed, she also picked me up for Sunday service as yet another extension of her serving.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, and my Swan Sister, Sonya. I wanted to take the pic beneath this modern art installation but didn’t bargain on wearing it as a “hat”! LOL! Floral dress & white shrug with cobalt blue bag and shoes, all Calvin Klein purchased at TJ Maxx – separately!

If you’ve ever been without wheels, it can stink! Instead, Sonya made this a sweet experience for me because of her servant’s heart.  And I finally got to visit a well-known church for the first time, participate in praise and worship and listen to powerful preaching on prayer. Then she made sure I got to teach that Zumba class even with her packed schedule. Though she was more than willing to pick me up and drive me on to the next leg of the journey, thankfully another Swan Sister and her car repair savvy fiancé took over and didn’t stop until the right part was secured and installed. Two more sacrificial examples of serving.

What could have been a lousy weekend turned out to be a lovely one spent wrapped in God’s love and provision. Both of these couples attended church yesterday then gave more of their time to bless me… There was a phrase stenciled above the door of my childhood church –– “Worship begins when you enter; Service begins when you depart.” Having a disabled car allowed me to see these words come to life at Sunday service and through their serving.

I pray you will be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and help minimize someone’s barriers to maximize beauty and their best lives –– at Sunday service or through serving them at home or work. You may find it’s an effect way to deal with your own Ds.

Be savvy  & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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