Diverse Worlds, United Girls

Diverse Worlds, United Girls

It’s Day 9 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and last night’s birthday dinner could be described as an experience in diverse worlds and united girls. After a fabulous 50th from the residents and staff at the Women’s Center where I’m the Director, I rushed across town to a favorite Zumba instructor/friend’s class. As usual dancing proved to make a delightful day even better. Even so, the two of of quickly changed to meet a third friend for dinner. Being from Peru, Russia and the United States, we make quite a trio. We may be from three different countries, but may of our struggles and successes are the same. Our time together covered a broad range of topics and emotions with a thread of laughter running consistently throughout. And though we come from such diverse worlds, the harmony makes as a set of united girls.

 Angelin, me, the Pink Collar Coach and Marina, from Peru, America and Russia respectively. My dress, handbag and sunglasses are from Calvin Klein, purchased at TJ Maxx. 

Not only that, though more gifts is the last thing I expected, these generous ladies showered me with more of my favorite things – yummy scented candles, gorgeous jewelry and TJ Maxx gift cards! Yay! Just as meaningful to me is the obvious effort to package the gifts in a way that looked like me. Let me just say, “Nailed it.” The gift bag looks as if it was designed to complement my dress and all cards, wrapping paper, etc. had either pink, flowers, or some combo of the two. Such thoughtfulness. So blessed…

In a world where there are beautiful friendships to be made and cultivated, I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & chic on Purpose and broaden your personal and/or professional circle. Who knows? You too may experience how you may be from different worlds. That doesn’t mean you can’t be untied girls.

Wish you could have been there, sweet Kibby!

Be savvy & chic ,

~Pink Collar Coach


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