50th Full of Faith, Family and Friends (with Some Fashion Thrown In)

50th Full of Faith, Family and Friends (with Some Fashion Thrown In)

It’s Day 8 (reset) of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and my 50th has been full of faith, family and friends with some fashion thrown in. After staying up until midnight to watch the clock strike midnight, I still woke before dawn to spend time worshiping God for letting me live half a century and for being my faithful God through every second of it. Next I woke my precious children and received such heart-melting hugs that they pretty much obliterated any of the painful teen things they’ve put me through lately. We had such a wonderful Fourth of July and long weekend leading up to today –– all the present this mom ever hoped for. With warm and fuzzies out of the way, I went back to curling my hair –– a rare occurrence these days –– to compliment my feminine floral dress. I tend to stay away from both in my role as a Women’s Center Director to up my authority, but as I told our male Director of Operations today, “I’m 50 but always wear a princess dress on my birthday.” At the end of a busy one catching up from being off, I headed to a Zumba class where a Bday routine was added to celebrate my milestone. Next the instructor/dear friend and I met another one, culminating one of my best days ever with the laughter and love that bubbles to the surface whenever true friendship is at the center. Faith, family, fashion and friends…What a full 50th!

Me, Pink Collar Coach, turns 50! Outside the Women’s Center where I’m Director.                     Pink & green (my faves) sundress, handbag (incredibly purchased months apart),                  and uncustomary flip flops for fifty-year-old comfort! LOL!                                                                      All Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx. Gift bag & balloons clearly chosen with me in mind and complement my outfit perfectly. 

Chock full as the day was, it was a good thing I wore the princess dress because the residents and staff had treated me like royalty all day long. Songs, cards, gifts, and food (a fish and chips lunch, two cakes, ice cream and enough Gummi Bears to supply me a while), were just some of the ways they showered me with affection. By this point, I was honestly a bit overwhelmed. But I wasn’t done being shown lavish attention. I received gifts at dinner and arrived home this evening to more!

Not once did anyone crack an over the hill joke or say anything that wasn’t affirming, encouraging or positive. I wasn’t consciously fearing that but realize in hindsight I appreciate this. I woke up this morning feeling so incredibly blessed. Yet I had no idea how much the day held in store. Nor do I take it for granted. I understand that there are women out there, who may be reading this right now, who  have never experienced a birthday like mine. My prayer is that your life will be abundantly full of  faith, family and friendship. With some fashion thrown in if that’s your thing…Not just for a 50th, but every day.

How can you be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and bring some of above to someone else in your personal or professional life?

Be savvy & chic ,

~Pink Collar Coach





2 thoughts on “50th Full of Faith, Family and Friends (with Some Fashion Thrown In)

    1. Becoming His Tapestry, thank you so much! But I must say – you are already SO fabulous! It means so much to me that you enjoy what I share and want more because I’m inspired by your gorgeous photos and blog content and aspire to be like you. God bless you as you continue to become His tapestry and thank you for sharing that journey with us. : )

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