Fourth $4 Score

Fourth $4 Score

It’s Fourth of July and the perfect day for my $4 score. At the end of the school year, my 15-year-old and I went on a Goodwill quest for an 80s outfit for her to wear to her chior ensemble’s spring 80s themed concert. While an outfit for her was the focus, as I searched the skirts for one with 80s flair, instead I found a Calvin Klein size 4 with a flounce! The $4 price tag sealed the deal. Today I donned it with a striped top as my patriotic nod to the flag (red isn’t my color). It’s sprinkled on and off all day, so we skipped the pool and saw Spider Man Far From Home this afternoon. Now before we head out to the fireworks, though it’s dusk, I figured it was my last chance to capture a pic of my Fourth of July $4 score!

One of the things I most enjoy about our tiny house is that it is big on outdoor space.           This pic was snapped in the backyard, complete with a postage stamp patio. White resin is all-weather and durable enough to survive the elements without cover. Simply Shabby Chic pillows and two Shabby Chic anti-fatigue mats, along with my favored fake flowers -–– purple roses out here–– make it a sublime setting to get some sun or a picture at sunset. Calvin Klein ruffled top and white thong sandals – TJ Maxx.  CK skirt – Goodwill.                     Decor TJ Maxx and Target.

My second hand designer fashion find at a thrift store is a reminder that beauty can often be found in unexpected places. As in my seating area in the middle of a concrete slab. Or in old fashioned pastimes like reading a Bible verse about liberty in Christ, catching a holiday matinee, walking down to the park for a concert –– with an insulated bag full of water bottles and Bomb Pops in tow –– and taking in the fireworks atop a Shabby Chic quilt. Then returning to savor homemade AW Root Beer and Cream Soda floats. All in all, an incredible Independence Day –– spent in my Fourth $4 score!

Hope you had HAPPY HOLIDAY! And that you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy Chic on Purpose and seek out beauty where you’d least expect it. Because I’ve found, whether it be freedom or fabulous fashion, what we seek, we’ll find.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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