Wearing Winter White with Roses

Wearing Winter White with Roses

It’s about Day 27 of being back to blogging, and today I wore winter white with roses. After subbing for Saturday’s Zumba class, I looked forward to warming up in a cozy sweater and accenting it with a gorgeous new creamy handbag embellished with my favorite flower. After lunch with one of my Swan Sisters I asked her to snap the pic beneath a tree barren of leaves to show the juxtaposition between it and the bag’s colorful embroidered petals. The one speaks to the season we’re in; the other to spring that’s just around the corner. By wearing winter white with roses, I’m embracing the beauty of both.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, wearing a winter white sweater with a rose patterned handbag.           All Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx.


Many people find this time of year bleak. With the winter holidays behind us, Easter and spring break can feel a long way off. Though I’ve never really struggled with the winter doldrums –– a D or challenge women face –– I’m not a fan of the cold and can do without snow. Consequently I’m thankful that other than a little extreme winter weather, for the most part, it’s been fairly mild. Even so, I look forward to spring, warmer temps, flowers blooming and Easter. And now that I have a tiny house for personal and professional use, it seems an open house/Easter brunch is in order…

Just as we look forward to get togethers, holidays and parties, spring is a time of new beginnings, celebration of new life and the Resurrection.  As we prepare for it, let’s be mindful of the winter beauty that still surrounds us, which can chase away those doldrums… If  you’re Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and look closely enough, beauty can be seen in the barren trees and overcast skies.  It can even be found in a wearing winter white with roses.