My Furry Valentine

My Furry Valentine

I’ve been back to blogging for about 25 days, and though Valentine’s Day was Thursday, I’m feeling especially grateful for My Furry Valentine today. Three years ago, my sweet hubby took me to our local animal shelter for the event by that name, and it was there a two year old gray beauty, Peppa, stole my heart. I added Loveday –– a character in a favorite Rosamunde Pilcher book entitled Coming Home –– and am reminded how much my husband adores me each time I say it. You see, he really wasn’t in favor of our first kitty, Skylar Belle, joining our blended family, but gave in to my needling for my kiddos to have a pet. They were my first consideration in giving her a sibling, but he confided that he really got her for me. That knowledge and Peppa Loveday’s docile spirit made her my constant companion. In fact, she now resides at the tiny house I rent for personal and professional use. And today, docile as she is, she earned her keep by serving as a mouser and dealing with an unwanted visitor. Her feline feat has endeared My Furry Valentine to me even more!

My Furry Valentine, Peppa Loveday. At peace in my Petite Place.                                       Abbuson needlepoint rug –– found over a decade ago at TJ Maxx.

As Peppa Loveday sits at my feet while I write, she reminds me that we females can be ultra feminine, pretty, sweet, and meek. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t intrepid too. Though she is skittish –– I believe she was abused by the original owners who named her then dumped her off at the pound –– this trait has been evident in Peppa Loveday from the moment we brought her home. While Skylar hissed and growled, Peppa never once cowed to her bullying. In fact, most of the time she simply responded by sitting serenely and looking at her like, Really? 

When I tried to bring Peppa over to the tiny house, at first she wasn’t feeling it and let me know when I tried to put her the pet carrier. Not wanting me to get scratched up again, my husband got a large dog crate, put her food and water inside and trained her not to be afraid to go in. That’s how we finally got her over to what I’m beginning to think of as “My Petite Place”. Having her with me makes it feel even more like a home/office. And it makes me feel my husband’s love all over again. After all, not only did he go to great lengths to get Peppa Loveday for me in the first place, he’s gone above and beyond to bring me My Furry Valentine.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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