Little Gifts Given with Great Love – Part 2

Little Gifts Given with Great Love – Part 2

It’s Day 24 of being back to blogging, and since I didn’t have my kiddos on Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating now with little gifts given with great love. I went to a German bilingual school and began my lifelong love affair with Gummi Bears in first grade when our teacher gave them as a treat. The love affair with roses started shortly thereafter. My children were delighted to receive the former, specially packaged for the holiday with only the  red and white candies, and my sweet hubby surprised me with white roses lovingly arranged in an uncommon red vase. The thought and time put into finding favorite things for others not only bless the recipients but make the giver feel pretty good, too. Yet another benefit of  little gifts given with great love.

Red & white Gummi Bears & floral arrangement make a lovely Valentines Day vignette . Bucket bench is a favorite antique store find. Simply Shabby Chic pedestal mirror. 

Besides making a holiday special, inexpensive little treats like these –– all purchased at the local grocer –– can encourage others and lift their spirits. So the next time you’re out doing the weekly shopping, why not be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and pick up a little something for that someone in your life? You never know, a little gift given with great love could make a BIG difference in their day.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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