Groceries, Gas and Gearing Up for the Work Week

Groceries, Gas and Gearing Up for the Work Week

It’s Day 21 of being back to blogging and I’ve just finished getting groceries, gas and gearing up for the work week. All of my career, I’ve been adamant about getting any items that needed to be done for the week out of the way on the weekend. The thought of working all day, then trudging through the supermarket or almost running out of gas on the commute leave me exhausted and ready to for bed. And waking up to the decision of what to wear, only to find that the outfit is dirty, damaged or doesn’t fit anymore is one of my worst nightmares. It’s not that I’m that annal about what I wear…Wait, who am I kidding? I really am that annal/OCD! Besides it causing an extreme amount of stress, it usually result in running late as well. My hubby thinks I’m a bit over the top about the whole preparing for the work week (and each day), but I’m a better wife, mother, leader, employee and even Christ follower when I’m taken care of my business. Then I can relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend and/or evening. Like tonight with all of this plus housework and blogging done, I’ll be able to enjoy Victoria and my latest novel before bedtime…The  point is, I’m a huge advocate of getting the groceries, gas and getting in gear for the work week!

Red grommet button cardigan and A-line skirt with a pretty print scarf with a red stripe to tie the two together. Black shooties with gold accents pick up on the gold detail in the sweater. A red handbag finishes the look. All Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx acquired over several years. The scarf is new and fresh. 

Getting in gear for the work week includes getting my work outfit ready. As a Women’s Center Director with two standing Monday meetings –– one a house meeting with all of the residents first thing and the other with our team of counselors and case managers, I go approachable, pulled together professional. Setting my outfit out the night before as well as prepping my agenda for the first meeting on Friday helps me to start the week off calm and confident. Not only do I stage this outfit, I pack my bag for Zumba afterward and throw it in the car in case I have to stay late at the office. This ensures I can go straight to my workout when I do get off work.

If you’re anything like me, your personal and professional life can throw in some unforeseen variables. So why not be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and plan what we can ahead of time? Doing so will not only help you be balanced, it will also help you be the best version of yourself and those you serve. Just another benefit of getting the groceries, gas and in gear for the work week.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


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