Photo Op

Photo Op

It’s Day 20 of being back to blogging, and while scrolling through pictures on my phone searching post inspiration, I came across one the perfect photo op. The term, short for photograph opportunity, was originally coined to indicate the opportunity to take a picture with a celebrity or of an event. But as I looked at this picture, it took on new meaning for me. You see, it’s of a corner in bedroom I share with my fifteen-year-old daughter at our tiny house and was designed to fulfill her request  for a vanity area. I began renting the house for personal and professional to run my business, Pink Collar Savvy & Chic, and to have a special place to spend time with my children.

At first my husband wasn’t on board with it, which caused some discord –– another D or challenge women face. Following a particularly rough patch, he brought the beautiful bouquet of my favorite pink roses to my new job as a repair attempt. Originally I took the picture in a fit of I don’t want flowers, I want to resolve the issue! Eventually I got over myself and can now look back and see my husband’s heart. It makes me mindful of the chance to be prayerful about all it represents –– a true photo op.

A beautiful, comfortable and functional vanity area. The painted wood cafe table and chairs were purchased at TJ Maxx for outdoors, but I hated them weathering. Now they have a new purpose. The lamp and wicker mirror/basket are two of my early thrift store finds. Large Ball mason jar from Goodwill. Simply Shabby Chic pillows & laundry basket –  Target. 

In a world where cameras on our phones make snapping a picture something that often occurs several times a day, I still want to make it special. Through blogging it’s become a way for me to chronicle the simple and significant in my life. Being intentional about maximizing photography opportunities by attaching prayers of ACTS –– adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication –– to my reminiscing over  pictures elevates them from simply snapping away to powerful photo ops.

So the next time you hit that button to capture that perfect picture, I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and not miss out on the photo opportunity that’s present too…

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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