Abandoning Adulting

Abandoning Adulting

It’s Day 19 of being back to blogging, and personal and professional experiences in the social service field/ministry caused me to ponder abandoning adulting. Juggling my responsibilities as a women’s center director, a small business owner, a mom, a wife, a Zumba student, blogger and believer took all the energy I could muster! At times I just wanted to say, Enough! I’m done adulting for the day! And that’s before factoring in a crisis at work where the stressors of life caused a woman to literally abandon adulting. Adulting.jpg

As much as it’s tempting to judge someone else for reaching the point where they simply stop juggling all the responsibilities and just throw their hands up in the air, letting them fall where they may, I’m coming to understand how the Ds –– the personal and professional challenges women face –– can lead up to this (in this case, it’s a combination of depression, drugs and dysfunctional relationships). Perhaps we were designed with only two arms because we weren’t meant to juggle as much as we do…So rather than judging, I’m learning to support where I can. Because my own arms are too full with my own responsibilities to take on another’s, I lift them up in prayer, knowing God is the one who equips us for whatever He’s placed in our hands.

I don’t know what God makes of the term adulting, which has become popular in our culture –– often with parents. But I’m glad to know He’s our heavenly Father who never abandons His “adulting” with us, His children…

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


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