When It Snows It Pours

When It Snows It Pours

It’s Day 14 of being back to blogging and from start to finish this weekend was a case of when it snows it pours. With the weather forecasting a wintry mix of hail, sleet and 4-6″ of snow Saturday evening, I shopped for groceries to feed my growing kiddos for a long three day weekend. Knowing they eat lots of food and generate lots of laundry, after much deliberation my hubby and I decided not to have the vintage stackable at my tiny house repaired but to bite the bullet and replace it. Before that could happen the full drum of water in the washer had to be scooped out so it wouldn’t flood the floor when the unit was removed. After that, everything in the area had to be moved so side by side machines could be fitted into the laundry closet. In the deluge of rain that preceded the wintry mix, two burly men traipsed watery mud through the house while installing. Talk about when it snows it pours!

In the meantime, the things that had been moved included a gallon of paint that somehow tipped and spilled all over the floor without any of us being aware. By the time my son found it and my hubby flew out the door to Walmart for paint remover, the power had gone out at the store, causing them to refuse him admittance. Next he went to what we call “The Big House” for it but slipped, slid and helped others in a ditch only to get back and have the battery of our van die, stranding my hubby here and blocking me in.  when it snows it really pours!

Snowy Background Abstract Pink.jpg

With all of these disasters (another D challenge that can negatively impact women’s personal or professional lives) occurring one after the other, there were moments when the weekend felt incredibly stressful, exhausting and expensive! And that’s not to mention how the smart TV, then gaming bundle wouldn’t allow my son to play Fortnite, which was the whole reason we bought all of it. This snafu necessitated unplanned Play Station purchase…

But instead of focusing only on the things that seemed to be negatives –– the snow, hail and sleet, the washer going out, the muddy house, the spilled paint, or the electronics issues, I was able to see the blessings. Safety and shelter from the storm and a strong man able and willing to shovel, a husband who is supportive of my dream of having this tiny house for personal and professional use, a daughter who initiated clean up, not only of the muddy kitchen but the spilled paint as well, and a son who picked up where she left off and scrubbed every ounce of paint up –– making the paint thinner my husband eventually returned with almost, but not quite, unnecessary….

I’m so thankful that God is still working on me and making me more Pink Collar Savvy & Chic so that I’m able to minimize barriers and maximize beauty and my best life.  Rather than the snow, I see the blessings falling all around me…Even after the microwave decided to go on the fritz! How is He still working on you? How do you view the personal and professional disasters that come your way?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



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