Bad Move, Good Man

Bad Move, Good Man

It’s Day 13/14 of being back to blogging and tonight I witnessed a driver make a bad move that a good man turned around. Literally. Taking the highway exit to pick up my children tonight, as I neared the turn signal, I was startled to see a man standing on the busy road, which is no place for pedestrians in broad daylight, let alone after dark! The dark clothing he wore made his position even more precarious. Confused as I was by his presence, it definitely prevented me from turning from the far right lane. He must be insane, intoxicated or both, I thought before wondering if there’d been an accident or if his vehicle was disabled. That’s when I noticed a minivan whose driver had gotten into a mess by either purposely trying to make a U turn at the exit or by attempting to do so erroneously. Their bad move, however, didn’t end up as tragically as it could have thanks to the courageous act of what I now understood must be a good man.

u turn sign - pink

After halting traffic and directing the van to make the turn safely, he jogged back to his car, then merged onto the road. I could finally turn right, but I couldn’t get him off of my mind. At first all I could think was, God bless Him for putting his own safety at sake to be of service to someone else. Much like the Good Samaritan…Next, as I continued on to my destination, I pondered how what I’d just witnessed would make a great blog post. And that made me more appreciative of blogging –– the mindfulness and intentionality it adds to my personal and professional life. It’s such a joy to share these meaningful moments as they happen…One day, I’ll be able to look back on them through this blog. When I do, I’ll smile, as I did the rest of my drive, understanding how someone’s bad move was salvaged by a good man.

What Good Samaritan acts have you experienced on the home front or in the workplace? How can you be a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and commit random acts of kindness for someone in need of help?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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