Little Laundry Luxury

Little Laundry Luxury

It’s Day 12 of being back to blogging and I’m missing my little laundry luxury. This fall I began renting a tiny house for personal and professional use. Thanks to a  surplus of decor and furnishings from my marital home as well as so many generous house warming gifts from family and friends, it’s  now equipped it with all the necessities to make it function fully for me, my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic business and my kiddos.  And I’ve barely spent a penny on it! The fact that a closet in the kitchen was plumbed for a stackable washer dryer made it an even better fit for our needs, however, a new unit was not in my budget. Thankfully, my dear friend, Julie, owns a plumbing company with her husband. They not only supplied a vintage unit, they delivered and installed it. It’s run perfectly up until recently, but sadly the washer has given out. While I decide whether to try and have it repaired before purchasing replacing it, I’m sure missing this little laundry luxury!

Little Laundry Luxury -Stackable concealed behind a Shabby Chic-inspired screen – TJ Maxx. Shabby Chic apron (lt.) – Home Goods, Simply Shabby Chic apron (rt.) – Target.

Like so many things in life, it’s easy to take the little things for granted. I’m happy to say, however, this wasn’t the case with my stackable. Receiving it blessed me so much –– yes, because I needed it, but also because it was so aesthetically pleasing and Shabby Chic. My fifteen-year-old daughter loves it, too and actually wanted to do her laundry as well as her brother’s just because it was cute and a novelty to use.

As I figure out what to do, and how –– the tub and then throw it in the dryer ––  to do laundry, I believe the experience will make me even more mindful about all of the small things that simplify life by saving time and so much of my energy. It makes me think of the women throughout time who didn’t and/or still don’t know the convenience of throwing a load of in the washer and letting it do the work so they could get on with theirs. It may sound crazy, but this perspective makes me more grateful than ever for the stackable and for the loss of this little laundry luxury.

What about you? What little luxury do you appreciate? Or take for granted? On the home front or the workplace? I hope reading this post inspires you to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic about your personal or professional life’s little luxuries.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


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