Give Myself a Brake!

Give Myself a Brake!

It’s Day 12 of being back to blogging and I’m trying to give myself a brake! That’s not a spelling error. I mean a literal brake as in STOP! As a new Women’s Center Director, wife, mother, Life Coach, author, blogger, friend,  etc., etc., etc., there are times when I’m going so fast and furious that I just need to slow it down and breathe. After running around with my children taking them to an appointment after  one of the most emotionally grueling days ever, we went out to dinner. Next a trip to the book store turned into shopping. After that, I had to do more shopping for lunch food. Then my hubby felt neglected so I spent some time with him after ironing clothes and blogging. Then watched HGTV to escape to my favorite international location Across the Pond. Not the best thing to do if you need to get to bed, but my mind wouldn’t slow down enough to sleep long enough for me to give myself a brake!

Me giving myself a brake – and a $2 Chai Tea Latte, nonfat, venti – at Barnes & Noble. Sweater dress and tights are oldies but a goodies. Turtleneck underneath purchased with a gift card from my hubby this Christmas. The floral handbag bought with one from him last Christmas. My daughter was the photographer and cut of boots…All Calvin Klein – TJ Maxx.

The one thing I neglected to do was my daily devotional. So tonight, I’m keeping this post short in order to finish my night right. Because of all the things that describe me, Christ follower is the one dearest to my heart. And I never want to give myself a brake on that. But I do hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and give yourself a brake – in your personal and professional life too.

Be savvy & chic ,

~Pink  Collar Coach




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