Loved Being in the Library Local Author Fair

Loved Being in the Library Local Author Fair

It’s Day 5 and getting back into the routine of blogging allows me to share how I loved being in the library local author fair this fall. I’d applied to participate back in the summer and had nearly given up on it when the acceptance turned up in my inbox. Given the fact that it arrived much later than I’d anticipated, I’d sold most of my the latest box of books I’d ordered from my publisher for such events. And though I quickly ordered a box when I knew I’d be attending, it didn’t make it in time for my maiden book fair voyage. So my fifteen-year-old daughter and I packed up the the books I had on hand, along with all of my marketing materials, and headed out to set up. Since she’s more tech than I am, I put her in charge of the Square Reader and money box. The table got a lot of traffic, including a former student from my middle school teaching days and her mom, as well as fans and a few new readers. Connecting with author friends a making new ones made the time fly by. Before the end of the two hours, we’d sold out. With no more copies, we resorted to taking orders, which proved to be a great way to further engage with readers. I must say, this outcome was one of the reasons I absolutely loved being in the the library local author book fair!

Local area authors, including my friend and coaching client, Janet on the front row, far left, Michelle, a fellow writing group member, front row, third from left, and Ms. Helen, a dear godly woman who attends another of my writing groups, second row,  third from right. She’s next to me, second row, second from right.

Besides that and those who came out to show support, having my daughter by my side is a memory I’ll cherish. Not only was she wonderful helpful with set up, customer service and sales, her pride in her mom warmed my heart –– and the hearts of those who stopped by. She let me know she’ll gladly help me out the next time I’m in a fair. I’ll take her up on that and look forward to my next event not only because I loved being in the library local book fair but because of the opportunity to experience my mini-me being there.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, and my daughter at the Midpointe Library Read Local Author Fair. Faux blush suede dress, zipper sweater cardigan and loafers all Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx.


If you’ve never checked out my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and do so. Thank you!

Be  savvy &  chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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