First Chance to Dance in 2019!

First Chance to Dance in 2019!

It’s Day 3 of getting back to blogging and it was also my first chance to dance in 2019! The Y where I teach resumed Zumba classes yesterday, but though my spirit was willing to attend, my body was weak from the a nasty holiday bout with the flu. I refrained from attending and conserved my energy to teach tonight. Even so, I needed reinforcement from a regular student –– the amazing and talented Sonya Pope –– to make it through the hour! Pink Collar Savvy &  Chic Swans like her and those who showed up tonight made my return to class a good time –– lingering flu fatigue and all! And some of my other Zumba loving friends pictured below at last fall’s annual Zumba for the Cure make every chance to dance a party!

My Diverse Dancing Sisters! That’s me, Pink Collar Coach, second from the left. 

The New Year is a time of resolutions, often around getting fit. So much so that those of us who are regulars at the Y/gym are frustrated January through mid-February because there are no parking spots and standing room only on the dance floor! By Valentine’s Day, the resolutions are abandoned, leaving us a place to park and dance…

From my experience, the way to maintain your resolve is not to focus on getting fit but finding yours. For me, though I enjoy yoga, walking, swimming, lifting –– none of them hold the appeal of Zumba! I think God just designed me to move to music!  Chances are, He designed you to enjoy something too. So if you’re anything like me, perhaps you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic and  make this the year you find your fit. If you do, like me, you’ll get why I’m so stoked about my first chance to dance in 2019!

Be Savvy & Chic,

~Pink Collar Coach 


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