Shabby Chic Goes Granny – Part 2

Shabby Chic Goes Granny – Part 2

It’s Day 409 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and given the positive response to the Part 1 post on Shabby Chic Goes Granny , I’m happy to post Part 2. I mentioned in that post that I’ve been working on a fun decorating project for a college dorm style room. Since it already had the furniture, including a glider rocking chair and ottoman that along with a pink knitted throw served as the jumping off point, I figured why not veer –– just a little –– from my usual Shabby Chic style and infuse some Granny Decor. Using what I had to work with –– mismatched floral comforters, crystal lamps and some floral artwork, I brought in floral and crocheted area rugs, a vintage floral tole tray and other vintage inspired/metal accessories, a pink Dream sign in the same hue as the pinky/purple walls, vintage china and a beloved blue ceramic keepsake storage dish. The finishing touch is doilies at .50 a piece! Now I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this pretty, feminine, cozy space that could have easily been Shabby Chic but instead went Granny!

An Aubusson rug & a crocheted one outside the bathroom pulls blue from the chair & ottoman. An overhead light makes it a cozy place to read.                                                                                          The Dream sign matches the walls and the matte of the cottage style print. 
A floral tole tray from the Rust and Ruffles Expo complements the wall color.                                   The keepsake dish repeats the floral motif –– quintessentially Granny!                                                                                        A left behind sweet Precious Moments figurine is sweet.                                                                           Set of doilies purchased at Family Dollar.
A shared bathroom holds the commode and tub shower combo for connecting rooms.                      But each room provides a sink. The Granny theme is seen in the hand mirror, tin can holding cotton swabs, and the crocheted rug. The mirror and towel and additional pops of pink.                        All items were repurposed making total spent- $1! 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Life Coach who coaches women to minimize their barriers and to maximize beauty and their best lives, I’ve so enjoyed making this temporary house a home on a minimal budget for maximum bang! Spending a total of $1 for a set of doilies is such as fete! And it’s been such fun getting to try a style that is a little outside my comfort zone. In doing so, I not only created a beautiful, comfortable, functional space, I broadened my horizons in the process. So much so that I may even be brave enough to incorporate a bit of Granny Decor into my own home. I can’t wait to see –– and probably post –– whenever Shabby Chic goes Granny….Guess that will be Part 3!

What about you? If you were drawn to this nostalgic style, how about being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and going a little Granny in your home or office, too?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink  Collar Coach


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