Go Big Boho And Stay Home

Go Big Boho And Stay Home

It’s Day 376 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I’ve been trying some new outdoor floor mats that have my sweet hubby questioning my tastes (Those are a little much for me) but since I’m the only one who sits on the porch and deck all the time –– for work and pleasure –– I figure I should go big boho and stay home! It’s no surprise I fell in love with the look of bohemian inspired floor mates while pursuing Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic website http://www.shabbychic.com, but it wasn’t the design maven who introduced me to them. It was actually her designer daughter, Lily Ashwell, whose company, of the same name, is one of the brands in the  Shabby Chic family ––www.lilyashwell.com. Last summer, I reimagined my utilitarian laundry room using similar foam mats, and adore not only the look but functionality of the pieces. When my hubby questioned covering the floor drain back then, I simply cut around it. The foam feels great under your feet and is impervious to water, laundry detergent spills, etc. That being the case, when the mat outside the sliders on the deck deteriorated, the search began for something that would hold up to the heat and rain. The search ended once I found large scale bohemian inspired floor mats in colors that complement our decor. So despite some questioning looks from my better half, I’ve decided it’s my office space, so I should just go big boho and stay home.

Front porch with gray, brown, red, and white boho foam mat by Nicole Miller – TJ Maxx. The red is a little bold, but in the same color family as pink, and the grays and browns pick up the Simply Shabby Chic pillow colors (from Target) the flower pot hues and deck stain.                                                                  All of the other decor is TJ Maxx as well. Resin wicker – Home Depot.
The back deck patio dining set is about 25 years old & the cushions are original. Love the white, but the dark green cabana stripe is not my fave. The bohemian floor mat by Nicole Miller from TJ Maxx has the same saturated color & finally ties the two sides of the deck together. The Simply Shabby Chic pillow on the resin wicker has the same blue and medallion as the floor mat.
Simply Shabby Chic pillow inspired blue and purple outdoor color scheme. Target.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Shabbychicophile, one of the things I enjoy most about this style of decorating is the curated feel. Pieces influenced by different countries –– England, France, Morocco –– and different design aesthetics –– English Country, French Country, bohemian, etc. blend together beautifully. The look is not for everyone and I’m OK with that. Personal style and taste are just that. Personal. I live fully in our home and work inside –– and outside –– it, too. Considering that I’m thankful even though my sweet husband may not appreciate my design choices, he gets me and knows they are an expression of my creative, nest-feathering side. Besides, he usually closes the window coverings to conserve energy and keep the house cool, so he doesn’t really have to look at the floor mats. Good thing since I’m committed to going big boho and staying home!

Like the look of big, bold bohemian inspired designs? Why not be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose about incorporating them into your home or office?

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