Coincidental Coordinating Conversations and Colors

Coincidental Coordinating Conversations and Colors

It’s Day 369 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and it was one full of coincidental coordinating conversations and colors. After a busy morning teaching Zumba, I had a truly meaningful conversation with my sister-in-law’s neighbor. She read my novel, Seasons of Her Soul in about twenty-four hours and provided a valuable  critique followed by an email asking if we could discuss the book. We talked for nearly an hour and when our conversation drew to a close, she asked me if I see Sue much. Her question coincided with the last leg of Sue’s journey to Cincy! We ended our call with her agreeing to write a review for Amazon and to serve as a beta reader for Book II, Hold On Her Heart. I hung up knowing I’ve got a fan, a new friend and a sister in Christ. It doesn’t get much better than that except maybe for going to meet Sue for dinner. When I arrived at the restaurant, Izzy –– my stepson’s daughter ––– ran and jumped into my arms with a heart melting, “Mimi!” Soon we both realized our colors coordinated, a coincidence that is occurs more often than not with us! Then, Sue –– one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know –– gave me my birthday gift early. She pointed out how the wrapping matched my outfit perfectly. Another  coordinating color coincidence!

Izzy & Me, Pink Collar Coach.                                                                           Both in Tiffany blue w/ a little purple & pink of course!                       jersey dress & scarf are oldies but a goodies. Gray hose (I’m always cold), and bone sandals w/floral handbag that ties hues together.              All Calvin Klein – TJ Maxx, except shoes – Steinmart. 
We couldn’t have planned this! Gift bag, tag, tissue paper & gauze all coordinate with my colors. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose author by day, family member by night I absolutely love days like this. Sue has been instrumental in spreading the word about my book. So much so that she’s given away a handful of copies she purchased for herself! Consequently, she hasn’t gotten to read it yet. That being the case, she brought her latest copy for me to sign and give her tomorrow. She gave me the book as we stood outside having a meaningful conversation about it and so many other things. Then she took a picture of me with my gift wrapped in its coordinating colors. And by the time I drove away with her and my husband still deep in conversation in the parking lot, some things dawned on me: God had me write my book for Myra to read it –– hence our deep conversation. Izzy and I are connected by so much more than the colors we wear –– she’s the child I didn’t know I needed. And whether or not Sue loves the book and becomes a fan, we’ll remain sisters-in-law by marriage and friends by choice. You see, they’re all in my life –– not by coincidence but because of God’s divine coordination.

Who has been placed in your life – not by coincidence but by coordination?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


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