Feedback on My Fiction – Seasons of Her Soul

Feedback on My Fiction – Seasons of Her Soul

It’s Day 368 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I received some feedback on my fiction –– Seasons of Her Soul. A family member shared the book with a someone and she in turn shared the feedback with me. I’m keeping the names anonymous but would really like to hear your thoughts if you’ve read the book. That’s it really since I’m way beyond my work day limit –– I worked on the sequel, Hold On Her Heart, until almost 8pm! That’s so not adhering to the 5pm quitting time I set for myself! Still, I’ll probably take a peek at any responses to feedback on below and your own thoughts on my first fiction attempt – Seasons of Her Soul.

Sooo. The book! The cover threw me off as it looked like it would be a lightweight, yucky, typical romance novel. I know that a TON of people LOVE romances but I’m not a fan of the genre. So, I was pleasantly surprised with the book! It had depth and true to life scenarios that were more real than trite. ( a pleasant surprise!) I thought Tammi dealt honestly with the Christian life. We who claim to be saved are certainly not perfect and we are all very complicated beings. She managed to depict the duplicity in Christian hearts without being too Goody Two Shoes or fake. It’s certainly a different life than that of a worldly person seeking to satisfy only the here and now. So, yes! I appreciated and enjoyed the book! Thank you!         ( the one thing I felt a negative was what I perceived to be a change in writing style toward the end of the book….when Keith appeared on site  to help Lee after her surgery. That portion seemed to be more syrupy than the other parts…but I really think it probably appealed most of all to lovers of Christian Romance. She has a niche and kind of has to be in tune to what her readers want. Also she had to end the book! I just found her writing style at that point to feel more rushed and gushy. BUT?…kudos to Tammi for eliminating all sex! So many writers feel the need to throw in a scene or two just because they’ve been told that sex sells books. I disagree. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not opposed to sex in books when it is a necessary and integral part of the story. I just have an aversion to sex scenes that are obviously included only to sell a book.) Ok…I know …you didn’t ask for a critique …but you got one! Thanks much for the loan. 


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose debut novelist, I can’t express how much I appreciate everything in this critique. In fact, the author reached out and we’re having a phone meeting to discuss. I look forward to her elaborating…And just so you know, I agree for the most part. The end is a little rushed because my publisher and I were trying to shorten the length, and if it does get “syrupy” in the end that’s because the beginning was full of heartache and hurt and I wanted it to finish full of healing and hope. Restoration and redemption. That said, even if I didn’t agree at all, I truly want to continue to grow, learn and improve…all for His glory.

I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and shoot me a line with your feedback if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t please check it out below and let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

To preview/purchase the print or Kindle version of my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, please visit at 
Be Savvy & Chic,
~Pink Collar Coach

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