Time to Design Zumba T-Shirts

Time to Design Zumba T-Shirts

It’s Day 357 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and after this morning’s dance class, a few of us took some time to design Zumba T-shirts. Though I’ve often admired the way Zumba instructors cut up their shirts with intricate designs and patterns, because I’m a bit OCD, I’ve never been brave enough to experiment on my own now that I’m a licensed instructor myself. So when some ladies in our Saturday class expressed interest in having our Marvelous Marina show us how it’s done, she offered to hold a workshop after our workout. We were instructed to bring shirts, chalk or soap and scissors. I dance with this group of ladies on Saturdays, but at my local Y during the week. One of my three Zumba instructor sisters there bought a pack of shirts that contained four of the same three shirt styles for us to wear when we teach together or at events. The labels say “One Size Fits Most”. For me, that means fitting like a sack…This being the case, I took advantage of today’s opportunity to add a little flair to my shirts and to even make them fit! I wasn’t as daring as some – ok, I’m more than a little bit OCD – but still made the most of this time to design my Zumba T-shirts.

This demonstrates how big the shirt is on me even with the sleeves cut. The sleeves were cut more after this photo &               it now fits much better.                                                                      Calvin Klein Performance leggings from TJ Maxx. 
The cold shoulder was my design of choice for all three of my shirts.                                                                                             My friend cut strips from the cutout pieces & tied the hole with them to create this look. 
Our Marvelous Marina! She’s a Zumba instructor phenom & she wields a mean pair of scissors! Heart with horizontal and vertical slashes. 
Linda quickly got the hang of weaving. An impressive 1st attempt. 

With Marina and Kibby’s guidance (the picture of her shirt is too blurry and couldn’t be included), I dipped my little toe into the shirt cutting waters. For my first time out, I tentatively traced patterns based off of Marina’s designs with my soap and stuck to creating varied cold shoulder looks. Once the cold shoulder shapes had been cut out, however, I shied away from cutting the hem off of the sleeves, but because they were still huge, I eventually let Kibby do it for me. Stretching and pulling the fabric caused it to roll nicely and I felt pleased with the results. Maybe feel confident enough to eventually cut the hems off of the bottoms of the shirts and even slit them to create ties.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose self-diagnosed woman with OCD regarding things aligning, matching and being symmetrical, I had to step outside my comfort zone to take shirts I not only love but need for teaching and cut them up. In fact, there were two times when I got so stressed this morning because I cut things and they were jagged or off from the other side that I literally had to hand the scissors over to Kibby, who is fearless, researches Pinterest for ideas and then cuts with abandon. I kept saying “I’ve never cut up a shirt!” Patient with and supportive of me throughout the process – as was Marina – at one point she stopped me and said, “Now you have.” I suppose some would call me a perfectionist – and I’d have to agree considering I hesitated about even posting. But I’m glad I stretched myself – and that fabric! – and took the time to learn how to design Zumba T-shirts.

Have you ever been Pink Collar Savvy & Chic about stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something crafty? What is something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t – at home or work. Why not go for it? You may be glad you stretched yourself, too.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



3 thoughts on “Time to Design Zumba T-Shirts

  1. I appreciate those of you who liked the post. I’ve since figured out some creative ways to use the fabric that was cut from the sleeves to make ties and will post some pics when I wear. : )


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