Styling for Seasons of Her Soul Book Signing

Styling for Seasons of Her Soul Book Signing

It’s Day 341 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I haven’t blogged in a few days because I’ve been styling for the Seasons of Her Soul Book Signing! After two days of decorating my outdoor spaces (that’s another post) and a life coaching session this morning, I hit it hard and made a decent dent in the preparations. Styling for a celebration, event, party or special occasion is one of my absolute favorite things to do and the book signing feels like all of the above rolled into one. Knowing the devil’s in the details, I’ve put a lot of thought and time into them. Considering the book’s publication process spanned two decades, I had some years to ponder the look and feel of the final product. The fantasy consisted of pink, a feminine font, and flowers – preferably roses. The reality, though pretty, is more realistic. After all, as my publisher pointed out, the novel is not just sunshine and rainbows…Hence the darker font colors and flowers only on  the back image. Still, I got soft pink and a model who looks like she stepped out of the vision I had of the heroine, Lee, in my mind. She’s even wearing the pink dress from a one of the most romantic scenes! I bore all of this, along with my agency, Pink Collar Savvy & Chic, in mind while styling for my first book signing.

Styling for the Seasons of Her Soul Book Signing. Shabby Chic ruffled table runner. Love how the Thanks card font mimics the novel’s! All Pink Starburst -Target. Other stationery Office Depot.

Some readers know I sing.  At age eight I performed my first solo at church. Eventually I received a partial music scholarship to attend college where our group traveled across the country to many church stages. Weddings, funerals, women’s events and speaking engagements are venues where I still sing today. My voice is not perfect by any stretch, especially because of asthma, but as long as the good Lord allows me to draw breath, I’ll raise it to point to Him. All that said, several years ago, in anticipation of publishing the book the way I envisioned it, I recorded a selection of songs that accompany the novel with a pink rose CD sleeve. Seasons of Her Soul Select (above) will play a part in Saturday’s event.

Here’s what to expect at Coffee and Connect:


Star Quality, Fewer Bucks Coffee and any other drink or food preferences may be purchased at the regular retail price via standard payment methods.


Connect with me, Pink Collar Coach, author of Seasons of Her Soul, and other readers and a few writers (?).

Book Signing with Personal Messages

  1. Readers who’ve purchased a paperback copy.
  2. Readers who have purchased ebooks will have a note card signed.
  3. Readers may purchase a paperback at discounted price (proof copy) and have it signed.
  4. Readers may purchase an ebook on Amazon or Barnes and by using my laptop or their smart phone, iPad, etc. and will be given a signed note card.

Payment Methods

  1.  Paperbacks are $12 and may be purchased using cash or check. I’m in the process of getting a Square/ Chip Card Reader, but may not have it in time for the event. My apologies in advance.

2. Ebooks are priced on Amazon and Barnes and and may be purchased via                        the standard payment method.


  1. Pink Starburst will be complimentary for kiddos and their parents.
  2. Seasons of Her Soul Select CDs will be given away (Method TBD). They may also be purchased for $5 cash, check and possibly credit depending on above.
  3. “Ten Ps to Support Survivors of Domestic Violence”, a PDF resource, will be given to any who sign up on the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Mailing List.


  1. I’d love to take a picture with you, however, depending on how many are in attendance (coming in and out), it may be a selfie!
  2. Photo Release may need to be signed to post photos…More on that then.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose debut novelist, I can’t wait to see you! (Please click link below for info). This is special for me and I want it to be for those who attend. That’s why I’ve poured my heart and soul into styling this Seasons of Her Soul Book Signing.

Even if you can’t make it in person, I hope you’ll be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose, and  please send up some best wishes, prayers and virtual love. Thank you!

Be savvy & chic,

~ Pink Collar Coach 

Seasons of Her Soul Book Signing – Coffee Beans & Brew – Final

To preview/purchase the print or Kindle version of my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, please visit at 






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