Rocking the Ruffles Trend

Rocking the Ruffles Trend

It’s Day 297 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and snow the day after Easter gave me the opportunity to rock the ruffles trend. I received a blingy gold ruffled sweater as a Christmas gift but had only gotten to wear it once during the holidays and figured I’d have to wait until this winter to wear it again. But that was before it snowed the last day of Spring Break! When I awoke to a blanket of white, I happily donned my gold sweater for a day with a Soul Sister, Kibby, and my kiddos who adore her. I treated her to lunch which consisted of leftover Honeybaked ham and all the sides. We laughed alot reminiscing over times spent together and laid plans for more. Then Kibby treated me to a movie – I Can Only Imagine – which was even better the second time around. Zumba was next on the agenda, but I  couldn’t resist a photo in front a great background wall color before we got changed. It turned out well, but when I tried to land on a title for the post, I came up blank and had to look up “fashion ruffles” for inspiration. It’s definitely a trend, so that got incorporated into the title in the end. Not one to usually follow them (I just wear what I like), I did love rocking this feminine, romantic ruffles trend.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, Rocking the Ruffles Trend. Sweater, ribbed sweater pants, tall calf boots, & floral handbag all Calvin Klein. Pants are several years old and the boots were $11 at Goodwill. Everything else, including gold “ruffled” earrings – TJ Maxx.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Maxxinista, I’m enjoying our extended winter because it gives me a chance to wear some of my favorite cold weather pieces. Though I’m not trendy and don’t go out and buy a bunch of new clothes every season, I do use my personal sense of style to make new trends fit into my existing wardrobe and budget. Gift cards are my favorite and are usually spent picking up a few pieces that put a fresh take on my staples. That’s what this sweater and accessories did for sweater pants I’ve had for years. For me, pulling together a look is a form of self expression that is even more rewarding when I maximize my resources and am a good steward of what I have. And when it allows me to rock a romantic trend like ruffles.

How are you Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose about rocking trends at home or work while maximizing your staple pieces?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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