Restoration of Shabby Chic Mirrors and Other Shattered Things (Like Us)

Restoration of Shabby Chic Mirrors and Other Shattered Things (Like Us)

It’s Day 291 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and the restoration of a Shabby Chic mirror made me think about the restoration of other shattered things. The  mirror was purchased for a song back in the happy days when an abundance of Rachel Ashwell’s  Simply Shabby Chic line, made exclusively for Target, crowded the shelves.  In the house I brought my babies – now fourteen and thirteen – home to, it graced my bathroom vanity. I don’t recall where it lived in the townhouse I moved into, thus ending my homelessness. Much of that time is a blur…When I married my sweet hubby and moved into the home we now share almost eight years ago, I lovingly hung my prized mirror in our bedroom. It’s a heavy piece – I just didn’t realize how heavy until it fell from the wall, shattering not only the mirror itself but the beautiful carved wooden frame. Carefully, I wrapped the broken pieces and stored them until the day would come when I’d have it put back together again. More years than I can account for later, that day finally arrived in the form of a Christmas gift from my hubby. We shipped the mirror off with our window cleaners. Today, after some needed spring cleaning, I set up my beautifully restored Shabby Chic mirror. It reminds me so much of other shattered things.

Beautifully restored Simply Shabby Chic mirror. The clock & everything on the sideboard is SSC. Replacing the brass knobs with acrylic crystal look ones echoes the glass in the lamps & mirror. All from Target. The Shabby Chic inspired floral painting and inspiration board – TJMaxx.

Generous as he is with me, my husband still balked a little at the cost to restore the mirror – $42. He could see the price tag on the frame insert – $9.99 – and wondered why I didn’t just replace it. But that’s not my style. I’ve been drawn to shabby since long before it became chic. I find beauty in broken things and experience joy in their restoration, which aligns to Shabby Chic’s principle of beauty in imperfection. Add to that the fact that the mirror is rare (that mass production of Simply Shabby Chic items for Target was short lived and now they only carry linens for the most part), and it’s not so easily replaced – at least not for me. Having an authentic mirror that is based off the one my design role model and most inspiring entrepreneur has in her home means something to me. Besides, I doubt I could find one that’s more beautiful in my eyes.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose creative, I see my shattered mirror the way I believe God, the Master Creator, sees us – His shattered things. We are intricately carved in His image, with his imprint and design, but our sins are heavy. So heavy that their weight sometimes causes us to fall and shatter. In our broken state, others don’t see our innate value and may feel we aren’t worth the expense of restoring. But God still sees us as beautiful, rare – a treasure. No expense – including crucifixion of His only begotten Son – is too great to bring us back to wholeness. The finished work – done on the cross – restores us. This week, as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s not lost on me that like my Shabby Chic mirror, like us, His shattered things, He once was broken and shattered. Praise God He is restored, ensuring the restoration of those of us who trust Him, too.

How Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose are you in the you view shattered things in your personal and professional life? How could they be restored?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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