Worn Out from Working It Out – “Kick Start Your High Heeled Success” Workshop

Worn Out from Working It Out – “Kick Start Your High Heeled Success” Workshop

It’s Day 289 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and I’m worn out from working it out at our “Kick Start Your High Heeled Success” workshop. Planning and executing all day women’s events is always draining for Kay Fittes and me – in the best way because we give it our all – however, with a snow advisory for 5-11″ in effect for early this morning into tomorrow morning, we felt an extra degree of stress. Once we’d committed to moving forward unless we a Level 3 emergency, concerns about attrition while wanting our participants to be safe plagued us. All of this necessitated lots of additional communication. Then we went to bed not knowing what we’d find when the time came to head to the venue. Given all the hype, you can imagine our surprise and relief when we awoke to not a drop of precipitation! As is often the case, Kay and I concurred – What a case of much ado about nothing! Even so, we experienced attribution due to the unwarranted fears about what we and the participants called the erroneous weather prediction – a Nor’easter, white death, Snowmagedon, etc. Though we missed having those who understandably decided not to risk it, we had a wonderful workshop with the intrepid participants who dared attend despite forecast snow fall in the afternoon. That forecast was accurate and created a bit of a distraction…Considering the weather issues, it’s no wonder we’re worn out from working it out at our Kick Start workshop!

Kay Fittes, CEO and Founder, High Heeled Success & me, Pink Collar Coach.                                      Calvin Klein color block dress, blazer, and suede open-toe heels. All TJ Maxx. 

Good thing to kick start something literally means to give it new energy! And that’s exactly what happened while we presented on powering personal esteem, professional esteem, verbal language, non-verbal language, presentations and packaging. The packaging segment is especially enjoyable for me since I get to tie all the pieces together – If you’re already doing all the other things, why let your packaging sabotage your efforts? Also, two of my image coaching clients gave heartfelt testimonials about their experience with me, and I finally got to tell one of them how coaching her through a D – distorted self concept/Ugly Duckling Syndrome – to total transformation/realizing she’s always been a Swan, helped me clarify my mission and tagline, to hone in further on my unique value, and gave me the idea for my swan logo. Immensely gratifying doesn’t begin to describe how I felt seeing and hearing how far she’s come now that the internal changes she’s worked on are reflected in her external packaging. And what a joy to have a table displaying my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul! It seems while I was there to help Swans kick start their careers, I got a kick start for mine as well.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Life Coach, Author and Speaker, it doesn’t get much better than a day like today. Although I’m exhausted, it’s the best kind. Kay read today that we are created in God’s image – to make manifest His glory in us. Just as He worked hard for seven days to create the world, saw it was all very good and then rested, likewise we do our best work, feel a sense of accomplishment, and then crave rest. I’m going to sleep now because I’m wonderfully worn out after working it out at our Kick Start Your High Heeled Success workshop.

Are you Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and work to the degree that it wears you out at times? Hopefully, you also feel as sense of accomplishment at having done it well and then give your self permission to rest.

Be savvy  & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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