Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye, Hello

Yesterday was day 271 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. It was also my son’s 13th birthday. While he was with his father, I still spent the day on a special gift for him – assembling a book of all the blog posts I wrote about him when I worked in the early childhood field. Today is when I really get to celebrate with him – and I’ll get to say goodbye to my eleven-year-old boy and hello to my teenage young man. I did this seven years ago and am so grateful that blogging allowed me to capture something that may have been lost otherwise. Today I’m happy to reblog it to share with you. This was actually my first post in my new position. Hope you enjoy. I also hope you’re Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose about time with the children in your life because we really do blink – and they’re grown. – Be savvy & chic, Pink Collar Coach

Blink—And They're Grown

Parent Services welcomes a new team member and a new blogger, Tammi Ector Fisse!

As the newest member of the 4C team, I’m so excited to write for this blog. When I was told it was called “Blink–and They’re Grown”, the title really resonated with me, especially during this season of change in my family’s life. I’m ready to wear my “mommy heart” on my sleeve, and I hope that’s ok with readers because I believe there are other parents out there who can relate to and may even be encouraged by what I share.

Ever since my children were babies, they’ve attended the child care center where I was the administrator. In fact, I left the elementary education field to work in a child care center so that I could have them with me. This was essential to me because my plan was to stay home with them…

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