Competency in Comp Coaching Sessions

Competency in Comp Coaching Sessions

It’s Day 246 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and I feel positive about demonstrating competency in conducting a comp coaching session this morning. It’s common for life coaches to offer prospective clients a complimentary session to: a) build rapport, b) identify motivation for change, c) present what coaching is, including mutual expectations, d) provide information on logistical details, and e) ask for a decision to pursue the coaching relationship. Prior to meeting with someone who has expressed interest in life coaching, I send them a self-assessment that helps determine how they feel about the different domains of their life: emotional, physical, financial, relationships, and spiritual. During the comp session, we review this together, and I do a little coaching to let  them experience how it can benefit them. This was so effective today that by the end of our time, my now client expressed how she feels life coaching is an answer to prayer! While I’m humbled by that, I’m also thrilled that the outcome is a result of my competency in conducting comp coaching sessions.

For me, competency includes dressing like a life coach who works with professional women. Black sweater dress w/ ruffled sleeves, booties, & my coaching “toolkit”, full of tools of the trade. All Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx & Marshall’s. Love the “ruffled” earrings!                                                                                             The five-year-old booties were an end of season clearance find.

When I was a Leadership Coach and then the Director of Care Continuum/Life Coach, I didn’t have to go out and recruit coaching clients. In both roles, I almost had more than I could coach with the level of excellence I wanted to give them all. It’s a different situation with my own coaching practice. Because there are fewer coachees, I can provide the paramount of coaching  and care. But I have to work, work, work to get them in the door! That being the case, I do everything in my professional power to keep them from slipping out the back! Including preparing adequately for comp sessions and plenty of post TLC follow up once the coaching contract has been signed, sealed and delivered.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Life Coach who fell in love with leadership coaching the minute I got promoted to the role, I’m so thankful I chose Leadership and Coaching for my graduate degree vs. Adult Learning with Technology as I’d planned. It has literally changed my personal and professional life. And it could change yours…Successful as today’s comp session proved to be, I’d love more practice!

I facilitate The Swan Experience: Minimizing barriers; Maximizing women’s beauty and best personal and professional lives – through total transformation. I specialize in the Ds or the personal challenges women face that negatively impact their professional performance. In doing so I prevent derailing and promote you living your best savvy & chic life. Because you’ve always been a Swan!

If you want to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose and schedule a complimentary coaching session with me, please email me at Subject line: Comp Session.

You won’t necessarily be asked to sign a contract; but be forewarned: I’m getting so competent at comp sessions that you might find yourself signing on the dotted line! ; )

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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